Are you brave enough to hear the truth about making money online?

Have you noticed how many so-called online money making opportunities there are lately? Everyone is looking for your hard earned money…

I joined 4 companies and for 6 months I have been testing the returns I got from the investment portion only and my findings are in the graph below. Please note: I have not taken into account any money I have received from referring other people to these businesses.Screenshot 2019-04-14 at 10.10.04

When we look at the results about, the 5 Way Investment gives us the best profit over a six month period and the second best yearly profit after Crypto Arbitrage Trading which has a projected return of 175% profit for the year.

Bitcoin Mining has the most dismal results of them all at a total profit of -10% per year. In other words, you would be better off putting your money in the bank.

Investing is all about Risk vs. Reward so let us look at these opportunities from a different angle.Screenshot 2019-04-14 at 10.09.32

Often people are attracted to a company which allows a test with a small amount, if this is what you are looking for then Bitcoin Mining could be for you. (If you are looking at building a team – but why would you join your friends to something that would only produce results for you and not for them?) However, look at the time it will take you to get your first withdrawal and you will need to asses if getting the first withdrawal in 300 Days will produce the result you looking for. Of course, if you invest more you will be able to withdraw sooner. That is when you need to consider the time the company has been in operation, in the case of the first two companies one may argue that the track record would be insufficient to make a significant investment and it would probably be wise to wait at least 8 months before adding to your investment. There is a possibility that these companies will not last that long.

All of these types of investments like any business have risks, let’s face it even banks are no longer as secure as they used to be.

I recently wrote an article about the things to look out for in these type of investments called Cryptocurrencies and Online Income, then more recently I wrote ICO’s, Shitcoins and Scamcoins which exposed and gave information on the latest way companies have found to legally steal your money.

Here are some more guidelines to give you a better understanding, and things they never tell you about MLM and Online Opportunities:

Product Marketing Companies – these type of business opportunities have been around for more than 60 years and this is where the idea of the pyramid first came about. These companies are real because they have products but the compensation plan favours the people on the top and they make the lion’s share of the money. This has to be done as the leaders need to motivate people constantly and try to sell them the idea that one day they will be financially free. These leaders work extremely hard and you could say they deserve what they earn – the unfortunate part is that the price of the product is usually escalated to cover these costs and the system is designed for the company to be successful.

Recruiting Focus Companies – whenever someone makes the statement recruiting not necessary you can be sure the compensation plan favours those that recruit. Let’s face it most companies will only be successful if they continue to grow, that is business!

The question you need to ask is do you want to join a company that could become successful or would you like to join an already successful company?

Another area of concern is always the Push to Reinvest approach. When the leaders and company promote the compounding effect and everyone is just re-investing to make more, you can be sure that the tactic is actually to prolong the withdrawals and ultimately extend the life of the company. This could be a sure sign that the company is not real or it may just be the dreaded Ponzi scheme everyone was trying to avoid.

Always be wise and ask questions until you get all the answers you are looking for. Please feel free to connect with me to discuss any of the companies or points I have raised.

May you have the wisdom to get out of debt and become financially free.

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