Does FaceBook make people stupid?

social-network-76532_960_720I am sure FaceBook does not make you stupid, but the level of intelligence is the world must be at an all-time low. The Facebook value proposition is that it helps you connect and share with people in your life. Every day I get friend requests on FaceBook and everyone it seems that many of these people that want to come into my life are from an extremely low base of intelligence. Is it just me or do you get the same type of requests?

Guaranteed the first thing they say is ‘Hello’ and say nothing else. Those who probably have difficulty in writing just ‘Wave’. I always think of a wave as something I could have responded to immediately if I had noticed it, otherwise, the opportunity is gone.

The next question asked is ‘How are you?’ Nothing else just that … Seriously is this even a meaningful question, perhaps they go to work and ask the people there ‘how are you’? – You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that no one cares how you are unless they are actually your friend. Friendship takes a lot more than a ‘how are you’!

Then followed by ‘Where are you from?’ ‘How is the family?’ and a myriad of other one-liner questions.

Now some may say, these people are just trying to be polite! No being polite and respecting the other person and their time would be to say something like… ‘Hello, my name is John and I would like to be your friend, I am an engineer who rides mountain bikes and I think we may have something in common.’ John who we assume is reasonably clever would also not ask the next question ‘Where are you from?’ as he has probably been on Facebook long enough to know that if you look with half a brain at a profile you can actually see where the person comes from.

The next question is ‘how is the family?’ Does the average brain actually work? This person has no idea where I come from, but suddenly they clever enough to see I have a family. Wow! I have to ask myself… Why would I even want to be a friend with such a person? Then I wonder if these people are even allowed to have children and if they do… I feel terribly sorry for their children.

There is an old saying that you should think before posting things on social media, yes it actually makes you think if people do think.

I now have a standard reply that I send to people who send me friend requests, and it goes as follows:

Hello I see I have received a friend request from you.

Please can you tell me the reason for your request, as I am almost at the limit Facebook places on friends.

I am from South Africa and I represent one of the biggest property investment companies in America.

You can visit my blog for more information at

I will be very upfront with you as I don’t want to waste your time – I don’t do small talk, I am not open to business opportunities and I will not provide any kind of financial support. I also already have my favourite charities that I support.

Oh, and in case you are wondering I am also very happily married.

In case you don’t respond to my rather direct message, I wish you all the best for your future.

The message is an amazing filter, as people seldom respond and it makes me wonder why they wasted their time sending me a friend request in the first place.

Life is about boundaries and I have just set some new boundaries.


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