Evan Kirstel – Social Media Superhero @evankirstel

Screenshot 2019-04-07 at 14.12.19By Marina Caenazzo

Evan Kirstel is THE go-to person if you are a B2B company trying to navigate the social media landscape. Being an experienced digital practitioner, he can steer you through social media marketing, engagement and thought leadership, helping you achieve massive visibility and scale.

Evan offers you services that will jump-start your social media and social selling efforts, helping you build a community of engaged followers. These services include Social Consultancy, CEO Coaching, Social Media Monitoring, Community Management, Content Development and Strategy Consultancy. Allow Evan to build, curate, retweet, engage, enhance, grow, follow and track on your behalf, ensuring that your business gets the attention it deserves.

Evan has a vast array of focal points, meaning that no matter what it is YOU do, he will be able to make your message more noticeable. Being a top Tech and HealthTech influencer has gotten Evan into the social media limelight – so much so that he is a social media ambassador for HIMSS, an advisor for ET Exchange and a highly sought-after Influencer for conferences and big-name brands across a broad range of topics and audiences.

One only has to look at Twitter to see Evan has his finger on the pulse of Digital Health and HealthTech. He is wired when it comes to Wireless, 5G, Mobile, Telecom and Cyber Security. He is ahead of the game in AR, VR, AI, IoT, Crypto and Blockchain. Evan is also definitely not living in the clouds with his information on Big Data, Analytics, Tech, and the Cloud itself.

Evan uses social media platforms to get his message and consequently your message to a vast and varied audience. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram all bear testament to his ideas and social media innovation. To say that Evan Kirstel is a social media influencer would be an understatement – you only have to watch the tweets at a big tech, health or product conference to see Evan’s name consistently come up as one of the top tweeters if not THE top.

Evan is Boston-based and globally connected. Not only is he a force to be reckoned with in himself, he is also actively growing a community and network of fellow influencers, potential customers and business partners. He is the co-founder and chief digital ambassador of EviraHealth, a growing business that enables start-ups to get discovered, and introduces potential partners and investors. Evan can guide companies to expand their thought leadership, whilst growing massive online audiences with deeper user engagement. This is particularly in the global health tech community.

Taking a quick look at some of the references and recommendations people have written you can see that Evan is not a fly-by-night or one hit wonder. “One of a kind”, “an absolute master”, “incredible mentor”, “an amazing asset”, “extremely creative”, these are a few examples of what previous clients have written about Evan. Others go on to describe him as being agile, persistent and responsive, and an expert in the use of social media for the purpose of building partnerships. Evan is also “highly recommended” and with a “reputation that is well deserved”, you could be forgiven for thinking that Evan Kirstel is no mere mortal when it comes to the world of Social Media and Influencers.

Evan is available to discuss options with you. Connect on Twitter @EvanKirstel, on LinkedIn and via email kirstel@gmail.com and his website www.evankirstel.com

Don’t get left in the dark! It’s time to attach yourself and your brand to the brightest star out there in the Social Media universe – Evan Kirstel the Superstar, the luminous Blue Giant that burns very hot and very bright; Evan Kirstel the Social Media Superhero!

(Someone get that man a cape!)

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