An Investment Legacy

country-house-417973_960_720We all would like to leave a legacy. Did you know that every person dies twice? Yes, the first time is when you physically die and the second time is the day when people no longer remember you and stop talking about you. That is what the meaning of a legacy is in reality.

We can do many things in our lives that people will remember, but one memory that will remain with your generations to come is whether you were able to leave a financial legacy. This is the wealth you leave that will benefit your future generations.

There are many investment options available; some traditional and other more unconventional all offering you the dream of financial freedom and the ability to create long term wealth. Many of us will come to the realisation that we just don’t have enough time left to accomplish this rather audacious dream, or is there a possibility?

The most important start is to make sure that your investment beats inflation and then to invest in an opportunity with a proven track record. There are advantages in trying the more risky investments but that would depend on your risk appetite. I have tried some of these in the past and only a handful make a small profit.

At the end of 2018, I was introduced to a company called R.C.O. that has a 40-year track record in property development and real estate investment. This family business was started by the grandfather in 1977 and has grown from strength to strength and is now one of the biggest privately owned companies in the American property sector.

It is the company’s track record that gives me peace of mind, this is not some wannabe person who is trying to make his first million. Having completed numerous projects including luxury hotels, shopping centres and over 10 timeshare holiday resorts totalling more than 450,000 square metres of development, the family is already successful and I estimate their wealth to be in the billions.

The investment offering within the Investor Club gives all members the same benefits of profit earning. Regardless of whether you invest anywhere between the minimum $750 or the maximum $250,000, you will all earn the same amount of profit from the club’s activities.

This is an investment that I know will give me the wealth I am looking for and leave a legacy for my future generations.

I invite you to find out more about the investment club and how you can become a member. Please contact me and I will gladly assist you.


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