Influencer Reality Check

influencers-3151032_960_720Are you familiar with the term Influencer? Do you understand what an influencer does? How could an influencer help your brand? Perhaps you are an influencer already or you are thinking of becoming an influencer?

In this article, I am going to give you the information you need and some facts that you probably don’t want to hear – brace yourself!

What is an influencer?

An influencer is a person who has built their personal brand to a level where they are able to disrupt and change the way someone thinks about a product, service or brand.

How could an influencer assist your brand?

Firstly there is an old saying that you can promote anybody, but you cannot promote yourself. Whether you agree with that statement or not, it is always better if someone else promotes you.

Companies want knowledge about their offering to be distributed to as many people as possible, and one the most effective way is to use an influencer to promote your company’s product, service or even to raise brand awareness.

It is the influencer’s duty to serve their followers, so when the influencer is communicating it will also be benefiting them and boosting their personal brand. The influencer will need to find creative ways of communicating a message that would suit their followers.

How effective is the influencer process?

The process works well if the influencer is creative enough to take the brief or content the company has provided and is able to give it the right treatment. However, if the brand gets too involved the message becomes diluted and the message will not be perceived as authentic by the followers of the influencer.

The idea behind the influencer marketing process is to add additional communication to the company’s existing campaign, it should never replace the normal communication from the brand.

Here is a basic guideline for a typical influencer campaign:

  1. The brief is received from the client
  2. Supporting information, sample images and press release received from the client
  3. Blog posts, proposed tweets, FaceBook, LinkedIn and Instagram posts are submitted for approval (whichever is applicable)
  4. The blog is written, (if the influencer is creative enough, there are possibilities of more than one blog from the normal press release) approved and published.
  5. The blog is tweeted about on Twitter and posts are done on other social media platforms.
  6. Other social media posts are also posted and the influencer should also be retweeting and sharing company posts on their channels. These posts need to be interspersed amongst the influencer’s other content to ensure exposure at different times. The influencer should also have enough of their own normal posts so that the campaign does not become obvious to their followers.
  7. Further promotion of the blog posts and other messages should continue for the duration of the campaign.
  8. The process should be monitored, and should opportunities arise they need to be utilised (it is a good idea to keep 10% of the budget in case of opportunities emerge)
  9. When the campaign ends ask the influencer to identify opportunities and suggestions for future campaigns. 

Notes: Blog posts are incredibly powerful and they form a good basis for all social and online communication, they have longevity and good blog posts can be referenced in brand communication. Ensuring that blog posts are part of the influencer campaign will mean that you get long term value from the campaign.

We have various influencer campaign offerings and we work together with top influencers around the globe to ensure maximum reach and exposure of your brand message.



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