How can you be a Top Influencer?

vault-847463_960_720Are you thinking of being a Top Influencer? You probably have some form of influence already and you are wondering how you can take your influence to the next level?

Let’s look at one of the Top Digital Marketing Influencers in the world. His name is Evan Kirstel and he is definitely in the Top 10 in the world. What got Evan to this position you may ask? The answer is simply HARD WORK!

Five years ago Evan Kirstel was virtually unheard of, then slowly and consistently he started to rise and rise, and rise. Perhaps he understands social media better than most people? Maybe it is because he is constantly looking for information and searching for articles that will be of interest to his followers?

There are many reasons, it could be that Evan tweets at least 200 – 250 times a day on Twitter @EvanKirstel and this excludes the retweets and other engagements he does. Over and above this he also posts on other platforms like Instagram EvanKirstel and LinkedIn Evan Kirstel. Have you tried to post twenty times a day or even 50 times a day? Will you get to 250 times a day? Are you prepared to work like Evan does or is Evan’s position as a Top Influencer secure?

One thing I have learnt about people is that at this stage of this article they will be making excuses. The excuses will be trying to justify why they don’t need to do what Evan does to become an influencer. Let me help you bust the myths in your thinking …

Evan probably has a lot of followers and that is why he is a top influencer! – It has nothing to do with the number of followers, Evan only has 240,000 followers so if that was true only celebrities with more than a million followers would have made the list, but I see no celebrities on that list – check out one of the lists here: Top 50 Digital Marketing Influencers 2019

250 Posts a day is too much, my followers will not like that! – The reality is you will not like to do that much work, most people want to be successfully lazy. You will not get results from being lazy, it is hard work that brings the results. You may need to find out how many posts you can do a day and how that works for you before you start judging someone else’s efforts and their engagement levels with their followers.

Where does Evan get the ideas for all the posts he does? Where do top authors, composers and artists the find inspiration for what they do? As the great Picasso said ‘the inspiration finds you working’. If you want to write, start with the pen in your hand or at the keyboard, and if you want to compose or paint, get the brush in your hand or sit at the piano and start playing.

The inspiration for Evan Kirstel comes from consistently communicating about the Technology and HealthTech industries and this has resulted in Evan becoming one of the most respected specialists within the B2B social media space.

Evan may be are a hard act to follow, but he has certainly set the benchmark for influencers all around the world.

I would like to hear your thoughts on Influencers, please leave your comments below.


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