HR are you ready for #AI and Facial Recognition?

human-1181577_960_720The HR function constantly changes and adoption of camera-based facial recognition is happening within corporates as a way to fairly and accurately manage employee attendance in the workplace.

“For many of us, facial recognition is becoming our first exposure to the growing phenomenon of Artificial Intelligence (AI),” says Laurence Seberini, co-founder of Camatica, a South African start-up specialising in facial recognition for businesses.

This technology is already giving HR a valuable tool, allowing them to not only have accurate attendance registers but also monitor employee behaviour and productivity. This allows HR to be pro-active in managing potential problems before they spiral out of control and assist management to increase performance levels within the business.

In the digital world, everyone is watching and now your employer is watching you too, this raises issues of privacy. Are the correct guidelines and policies in place within the corporates to safeguard all parties?

To get the best out of facial recognition technology, Seberini advises South African businesses to draft equitable policies and procedures that formalise AI’s role in the workplace sooner rather than later. Of course, this should be done in consultation with all stakeholders and never unilaterally-implemented. Most importantly, and as is commonly seen with employee email and Internet usage, staff must always be aware AI is in use.

“We specialise in facial recognition with a purpose. Camera-centred AI can make a huge positive difference in the HR environment by rewarding excellent behaviour and bringing certainty to attendance, eliminating potential issues later on,” Seberini adds.

Camatica has developed a range of AI-powered (Artificial Intelligence) facial recognition solutions specifically designed for different business sectors including retail, transportation and human resources. To request a demo or for more information please visit their website 

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