Africa on a slippery slope?

Screenshot 2019-04-28 at 11.10.15The world is in turmoil and people are learning to adjust and embrace change more than ever before. I said once that things are changing so fast that if you cannot feel the movement, you probably think you are playing the ‘floor is lava’ game and you have jumped into something that is not moving. You can stay there but realise that the floor is moving, and you can either choose to learn to work with that floor or stay off the floor.

The quest to stay off the floor and ‘out of danger’, often becomes our comfort zone and we choose to ignore reality altogether. Whenever we are in a comfort zone we ignore and have no need to face reality. The problem is that we have developed a blame mentality, it is always someone else’s fault and we are unable to accept responsibility for ourselves. We hope that by putting our heads in the ground, the actual reality will pass us by. In summary, we lack self- awareness and self-leadership, which then affects everything around us.

There is a lack of leadership everywhere in the world and people want and desire change, they expect change but do nothing about it. Leaders find it easier to look after themselves than serving the people who follow them, yet they needed people to get to where they were in the first place.

My opinion of African leaders is that they have lost hope to such an extent that they have lost vision, and when vision is lost people perish.

Why has this happened? There are many complex excuses that can be argued, but the simple answer is debt (the modern day slavery). Debt takes away our creativity, our self-worth and often leads to stress, depression and suicide.

The debt in Africa has become so bad that it has resulted in African countries selling out to countries like China and Russia. A country cannot commit suicide, but allowing other countries to bail you out of debt and take over strategic services, is that not suicide?

I am not going to suggest what countries should be doing, let’s focus on you the individual and your future generations.

What is the solution for you the individual? Get out of debt… Don’t blame anyone for your situation, take responsibility. The lesson we can learn is that debt is the problem countries and many people have. You will never be free if you are in debt, you need to start planning to spend less than you earn and get out of debt.

Have you heard of faking it till you make it? Don’t borrow money to look like a rich person (that will make you poor). Instead, think like a person who has all the resources and let your creativity flow, but spend like a person who has no money and you will eventually have enough money so that you don’t have to fake it any longer.

It is your duty as the leader of your family to ensure that you educate your family about the dangers of debt so that your family can have a true legacy. You can read my recent article An Investment Legacy to gain some more insights into creating a financial future for your family.


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