Mirror Trading International

Bitcoin Investment Company with a Referral Program

Earn a passive income from trading activities of Mirror Trading International – become a member today and start earning daily profits.

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To get started now please register at https://mymticlub.com/userpanel/register.php?referral=cobalt

Questions and Answers

d979e3c6-cd22-4497-8780-2d11546b8db7Who is the founder and CEO of Mirror Trading International?

Johann Steynberg – Founder and CEO from Polokwane, South Africa.

Johann has made himself a public figure. Appearing on weekly online interviews and attending many of the presentations around South Africa on a weekly basis.

The company is registered in the Republic of South Africa and was founded in April 2019

Why MTI? 

In other companies, you gave them all your money and then you waited for them to pay you back your capital plus interest.

This is very different, the company MTI can only make money if you make money. This is a bitcoin investment company and the mission is to make bitcoin for the investors first. That is the investment business and the only way that the company can sustain itself.

What is the minimum Investment? A suggested minimum is $100 in Bitcoin value and you can add to your bitcoin investment at any time.

What is the currency that is used for trades? The base currency on the trading platform is Bitcoin. 

MTI keeps everything in Bitcoin and the Bitcoin is never exchanged for another currency.

The reason for this is if we were to convert it to another currency, and the bitcoin price doubles, you as the member will not get the benefit of that increase. In the same scenario, if the price of Bitcoin were to fall, the company would need to take the loss for that. That is why you deposit in BTC, your trades happen in BTC and your balances stay as BTC.

That is why we work in BTC only and disregard the price/value of Bitcoin. The aim at MTI is to increase the amount of BTC in your portfolio so that when the price of BTC goes up, you will also reap the benefit of that.

On which days do the trades take place? Monday to Friday and the trading is done with forex pairs.

Do I get reports about the trading?

Yes, you will receive a daily statement in your back office, detailing all the trades on your account. The statement will show the profit earned in Bitcoin and give you the percentage earned. It will also give you the value of your account at the time of the statement.

What are the anticipated monthly bonuses? Historically the results are around 10% monthly, however daily trade profit will fluctuate according to trading success so the profits cannot be guaranteed.

When can the bonuses be withdrawn? Bonuses can be withdrawn or left in your account to increase your trading capital.

If you want trading to continue on your behalf, it is suggested that you keep a minimum balance of $100 worth of Bitcoin in your account.

How long is the investment period? The investment period is continuous and you will continue to earn profits as long as you keep a balance in your trading account. 

Will I earn a referral bonus when I introduce a new member? You will earn 10% referral bonus for every member you introduce.

If I sponsor 2 members each investing Bitcoin to the value of $100, the 10% direct referral bonus will be $10 from each member? Yes. There is a once-off 10% referral bonus. MTI will calculate it on a high watermark level principle. Meaning that if a person deposits the suggested minimum of $100, there is a $10 direct bonus (10%) payable to the sponsor. If he later deposits another $500 worth of bitcoin for example, another $50 in referral bonus will be paid to the sponsor. Now the member has $600 in deposits. If he, for example, withdraw $300, his watermark level remains on $600. If at a later point he once again deposits $300, there will be no bonus payable. Only when he deposits more than his original $600 there will be 10% direct referral bonus payable.

Every time I refer a new member I will get this 10% referral commission or is only limited to my first 2 people? 10% referral bonus is payable on any of your referrals. Even if you refer 100+ members, you will receive the direct referral bonus on all of them.

What is the structure of the compensation plan with MTI? MTI a referral program with a binary structure where you will be paid profit-sharing weekly bonuses for the volume created in your team’s lesser leg.

Is this a forced binary compensation plan, meaning if I refer more people, those people will fill the gaps going deep on my matrix? It is a binary structure with spillover. You can refer as many people as you wish. The spillover will be placed on the outer legs of your binary.

How do I qualify for the weekly profit sharing bonuses? You will need to introduce at least one member into the left leg and one member into the right leg to qualify for Binary bonuses. You will also need a personal investment with a minimum of $200 worth of Bitcoin.

Members can earn infinite levels deep in the binary. It all depends on how much they invest.

  • With a Bitcoin investment worth $200 – $999 you will earn 10 levels deep in the Binary.
  • $1,000 – $4,999 you’ll earn 20 levels deep. 
  • $5,000 – $9,999 you’ll earn 30 levels deep.
  • $10,000+ will be Infinite Levels Deep.

All bonuses are paid in Bitcoin into your wallet on Saturdays and are subject to a 7 day waiting period.. 

What is required to start?

You will need to have your Bitcoin investment available 

To get started now please register at https://mymticlub.com/userpanel/register.php?referral=cobalt or if you have questions fill in this contact form:


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  2. Friday ozor says:

    We’re will I see my income and how will I withdraw from my income sir


  3. Alicia says:

    Yes, I can see it. Thank You. Mirror Trading International.


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