Will $200 change your life?

pexels-photo-928201Previously I have written posts similar to this about how $1000 could change your life, but I am realistic and I know that unfortunately times are tough and it is never easy to find $1000 spare. Thus starting the journey to financial freedom becomes more of a dream and something that is seldom accomplished.

You have two choices when it comes to business – you can either start your own business or you can do something in your spare-time, like joining an opportunity that is based on multi-level marketing.

I know that many opportunities out there sell you the idea of financial freedom but not the reality, this causes many people to buy into the dream of financial freedom without ever realising that it will take much more than just a bit of work to become financially free. It will usually be blood, sweat and tears over many years to achieve some form of success, not to mention the drain it may place on your resources while trying to build the team that you will need to be successful.

Here are 6 things that a good business opportunity should give you to make participating worthwhile. To read the full article please visit: 6 Things MLM opportunities should offer In summary they are:

  1. Affordability – Are the packages or products on offer affordable? Can the person who needs an opportunity to make money afford to get started?
  2. Ease of Access – Is the website simple enough to understand? Are the products available and is there already leadership in the country to guide new members?
  3. Make Money – Can you actually make money and how easy will it be to withdraw your earnings? Can you actually make money without selling or recruiting? 
  4. Binary Compensation Plan – Proven to be the best organisational structure in multi-level marketing.
  5. Fair Distribution of Earnings – If you considering an MLM opportunity it should be because you have advantages that the corporate world does not provide.
  6. Residual Passive Income – Does the business plan offer enough incentive for people to do things on their own without being constantly motivated by the leaders?

I believe I have found a company that can suitably address these 6 points. The company is called Mirror Trading International and here are the answers to the 6 things explained:

  1. Affordability – The investment starts at $200, but for those who cannot yet afford the full amount, they can participate with $100 in a pool trading account which will give them the same access to the daily trading profits that all the other members receive.
  2. Ease of Access – The system automatically trades for you and you are sent a daily trading report via WhatsApp, so you have no need to spend extra money on data. The leaders are global and are available to support 24/7.
  3. Make Money – Your investment will make you money without needing to sell or recruit.
  4. Binary Compensation Plan – Mirror Trading International has a binary compensation plan which is unique as the binary bonuses are paid on the weekly profits, instead of the traditional model of paying binary bonuses on recruitment. The earning potential with this structure is phenomenal.
  5. Fair Distribution of Earnings – The company is transparent and the earnings are divided in the following way: Members 40%, MTI 10%, Traders 30% & Binary/MLM 20%
  6. Residual Passive Income – The compensation plan and the spillover from the binary organisational structure ensures that teams remain self-motivated, allowing all participants to get as involved in the business as they are comfortable with.

The question of this article is ‘Will $200 change your life?’

Yes starting with just $200 can definitely change your life. The current earning history of Mirror Trading International is showing a return of approximately 5% per week (this can and will fluctuate according to the daily trading*). By investing $200 this will give you a return of approximately $10 a week. If you compound your earnings weekly you could be earning about $25 per week in 5 months and in one year you would be earning over $100 per week.

You could carry on like that year after year, or you could decide to share this business with some of your friends. Let’s assume you shared this with a few friends and each of them invested only $200 and decided to compound just like you did. The binary bonuses are paid on the lesser leg of your business. If you had just 5 friends in your smaller leg (and this will include friends of friends that you may not even know), you would be earning an additional $15 per week on a total of the invested volume of $1000 in that lesser leg.

Just think – as more and more people join the business you could be earning an additional $150 or even $1500 per week. With the business system provided by Mirror Trading International, financial freedom is possible far sooner than you may have imagined. All you need to do is join, experience the business for yourself and then share the opportunity with your friends, which will be relatively easy with results like I have mentioned.

To get more details and *recent daily trading results please contact me.

Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-holds-10-u-s-dollar-banknote-928201/

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