When doors don’t open!

Lovely read… The answers are always within ourselves.

Sunnies My Bunnies:)


Open the doors and you shall see

A new world

A new you

A new perspective

A new hope.

What when doors are made of steel

And refuse to give way?

What if doors lie not outside

But inside your own bone and flesh ?

What when doors have no locks

But still need a lucky key?

Would you still bang your head

On such stubborn doors?

Look for windows which are soft

Which fill the dark room with light

Look for windows more vulnerable

Offering support and comfort

Look for windows of all size

For a single ray can show the way.

Look inwards and you will find

A world full of possibilities

Look inwards and you will find

A new calmer and happy you

Look inwards and you will find

Meaning for your seed of life.

For now you know what to do

When doors don’t open…

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