Top 20 of 500 Blog Posts

Today I celebrate my 500th blog post, thank you to all my readers and followers for supporting me. I have decided to list my Top20 posts according to popularity:

20. The rise of the Digital Leader

19. Good Leaders vs Bad Managers

18. When the WHY is clear, the HOW is easy.

17. Open Letter to the Youth in South Africa

16. The Simplicity of Consistency

15. 8 Ways to be an Effective Leader in the Digital Age

14. Thinking of Starting Your Own Business?

13. 5 Night Plan – A guide to strong and grounded relationships

12. Warning to Business Leaders Using Social Media

11. Inspirational Teamwork Story – Tortoise And Hare

10. Book Review: Together is Better by Simon Sinek

9. Manipulation, Mind Games and Motivation – Leadership and Relationships

8. Honey I’m Pregnant … Here is your Invoice

7. #RIP Robin Williams

6. Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

5. Top 10 Albert Einstein Quotes

4. What have you done for YOU lately?

3. My Top 10 Inspirational Sayings

2. 16 Ways to Encourage your Children to Use Drugs

And the Top Post which has been read almost 8,000 times…

1. #RIP Dr Myles Munroe – 7 Principles of the Eagle





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