What’s different about Mirror Trading International?

Screenshot 2019-05-18 at 14.03.49A conventional investment company offers you a return on the money you want to invest.

Let’s assume they offer you 5% per month. That’s the offer but hardly ever guaranteed, guaranteed profits will be much lower than if you take a non guaranteed return.

You agree to this and deposit your money with them allowing them to fully control your money for the contract term.

The company then decides how they are going to use your money and throws this into an investment pool. You and hundreds of other people just like you are promised 5% per month and the company then uses this big pool to leverage better rates, usually much higher than what you were promised. The company is only obligated to pay you the return that was agreed upon.

MTI Whats Different.005This way the company ensures they always make their fee and you are left with whatever the company decides you should get.

Let’s look at how the Mirror Trading International process works.

You are expecting a better return, you want to be fully in control and you want your money to work for you.

Your friend tells you about Mirror Trading International and you become a member of the company, and you also open a separate account with FXChoice – the ECN Broker

MTI Whats Different.014You deposit your Bitcoin into your account with FXChoice and no money is ever deposited with Mirror Trading International

You together with all the members of Mirror Trading International have sub-accounts which link with and will mirror the trade of the master traders appointed by Mirror Trading International.

MTI Whats Different.016The master traders have to ensure you make a profit, otherwise, they will not make any money.

All profits remain in your account throughout the week and on a Saturday FXChoice consolidate your trading account and 40% of the profits remain in your account. The balance is paid out to Mirror Trading International who then pays the traders, referral commissions and bonuses.

Because you are not fixed into a contract with Mirror Trading International, they need to keep you satisfied by consistently performing and ensuring that you get a good return.

This is the Win-Win opportunity Mirror Trading International provides for you.

Please contact me should you need any further information or visit Mirror Trading International

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