Hope is not a Financial Plan

Screenshot 2019-05-19 at 11.09.38We all wish for success, but hoping we will become successful is like trying to win the lottery when you have not even bought a ticket. You need a plan and that plan always involves action, it is simply a universal law we cannot ignore.

I encounter many people in what I call ‘The Waiting Stage’, who are simply waiting for better days and actually putting their lives on hold until (well they have not yet worked out the ‘until’ either) and it makes me think what will cause them to change and think differently or will that never happen?

Life is so fragile and so short that we cannot wait, every moment spent should be moments we can be proud of and when we look back over the past day, the past week, the past month and years we should be able to say ‘I have no regrets’.

We should always be doing something no matter how small and keep moving in the direction of our dreams, it is an action that produces results and gives us the feedback that is necessary to take the next step.

Don’t hope for things to happen, if they are going to happen they will. Find new challenges and look for things you can do each day that will contribute to your success. It’s never just about you, your future generations will have a better life because of the actions you take daily.

Remember someone planted a tree a long time ago so that you could have shade today.

Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/adult-background-beach-blue-296282/

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