Should I HODL or Invest Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin was created in 2009, 10 years later the value of a Bitcoin has gone from a few cents to around the $10000 level currently.

The value of the actual Bitcoin has changed over the 10 year period, but One Bitcoin is still One Bitcoin regardless of the value it currently has.

The question is should you HODL or Invest your Bitcoin?

HODL may seem like an option, but HODLing 1 Bitcoin for 10 years still means you only have 1 Bitcoin in 10 years time.

What if you invested that one Bitcoin? What would the result be after 10 years?

Screenshot 2019-05-22 at 10.57.19If you could get just 10% per annum and compound for 10 years you would have 2,59 Bitcoin in 10 Years

What if you could receive 10% or more every month, imagine how your Bitcoin will grow.

With Mirror trading International the trading endeavours to make good monthly profits so that your Bitcoin will grow.

The company only makes money if they make a profit for you.

This is really an investment game changer.

Mirror Trading International allows you to grow the number of Bitcoin you are holding.

You also stand to benefit from the growth in the value of Bitcoin, and you remain in control of your account at all times

How much are YOU HODLing? Ask yourself again, is this wise? I don’t think so!

For more information, please visit my Mirror Trading International page.

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