Disruption in Two ‘Non-Technical’ Industries creates an outstanding business opportunity

It has been said that knowledge is power, but actually, that is not entirely true. Knowledge has no power unless it is shared.

Do people money have power? We may assume this or is it just a perception?

I am going to show you how collective power has changed the rules and how you have power with the money you already have.

Together we are going to look at two industries, one that regulated and tried to prevent collective power for many years and the other that has always used the collective power and has manipulated that power to their advantage as part of their strategy.

It has been said that only babies like change, but you are going to really like these changes. I ask you to read this article with an open mind.

The banking and investment industries are struggling due to global competition, digitisation and disruptive forces like cryptocurrency. Banks are closing branches all over the world at an alarming rate and some banks will even go bankrupt in the next few years.

The main reason is that traditionally everyone kept their money in the bank and invested with a few big investment companies. It was common knowledge that these institutions made all the cream and handed the investors the crumbs, but everyone believed they did not have the leverage to earn, as they did not have sufficient money to demand the higher rates.

collective is a group of people that are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective – in this case money.

Collectives have been part of society for years. The banking industry and governments all around the world have been afraid of these groups and have tried their best to regulate and prevent the power shift from happening.

The internet has been the catalyst and as connectivity improved so did the power of the collective. Bitcoin is simply the power of the collective and Bitcoin was invented in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, and the crisis was a clear motivating factor for its creation.

The next industry is Network Marketing (also called Multi-Level marketing).

These MLM companies needed the collective to make them money and the focus was to make profits by distributing their products into existing networks and collectives of people. They told you that they were helping you and sharing profits with you, but that was only if you made their targets, and of course, they kept the profits for themselves if the target was not reached.

MTI Investors & Networkers Gamechanger.025This seemed fair and people accepted this, perhaps it was because they believed that they would earn a passive income, forgetting that a passive income is only possible if you have an active team. Teams need constant motivation and a passive income in a traditional MLM means constantly motivating people who don’t want to work. I wonder if that is an example of an oxymoron?

The reality is it is people who form collectives and have the contacts, not the company. So it is only fair to say that if the company earns, so should the collective, regardless of some target.

So far we have looked at two powerful collective forces.

What if we could combine these industries and respect the power of the collective at the same time?


Allow me to introduce Mirror Trading International – the Trading and Networking Company

I joined as an investor a few days after the company started. Mirror Trading International trades, I don’t need any knowledge and I receive passive bonuses from the trading activities.

The low-risk approach the software follows means that the overall exposure of my capital per trade is never more than 5% and I am extremely pleased with the results I am getting – which have exceeded my expectations.

I am in control, I decide how much money is in the account and I have access to my money should I need it for an emergency, unlike other investments that will tie me into a fixed period and penalise me heavily should I require some of my own funds.

There is another added advantage – I did not need to buy a package and my investment does not expire. As long as I leave the minimum of 100 Dollars in my account, my account will continue to trade.

In terms of trading, I have no real idea of how it works, and I spend no time worrying about the trades. Friends have often asked me why I don’t do a course in trading as there are so many offered these days.

My answer is always: I don’t let people fool me, you can’t learn to trade in a few months. It takes 10000 hours to learn and be somewhat proficient in any craft.

Trading is not in our DNA 🧬 but let me tell you what is … We are social creatures, so let’s stick to something we have 10000 hours experience in already.

This brings me to the other aspect of Mirror Trading International which is Networking.

The focus is firstly on making sure you make money as an investor, and if you are happy with the results you’re getting you are probably going to tell a few friends and they may join. If they do you will receive a 10% referral bonus of the amount they invest (paid to you by the company – it does not come from the money invested by your friend).

There are no indirect bonuses, incidentally when you see indirect bonuses in any company that should always be a warning sign.

There is another way of earning. If I build a team in the binary structure of Mirror Trading International I will earn weekly binary bonuses from the profits generated in the smallest leg of my binary.

The binary profit-sharing bonuses are the real passive residual income in this business and you won’t have to ever motivate your team.

It is the system that ensures that a profit is made and that forms the basis of all earning and contributes to the happiness of everyone.

MTI Investors & Networkers Gamechanger.044Welcome to the world of Mirror Trading International – the Investors and Networkers Game Changer.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to working with you.

Please make contact with me via WhatsApp or eMail.

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