Start a Business with No Money

MLM Motivation.038I understand that no one has money to start and often these type of articles come with some type of condition. The condition, in this case, is that you will need to get out of your comfort zone, which is a normal requirement for business anyway.

Before I go any further you will not be getting any (free money or any package)*, but you will be earning according to the work you are prepared to do.

The business is Mirror Trading International and you can earn from the networking side of the business without investing in the trading part of the company. You will be paid for introducing investors into the trading part of the company and you will never need to invest if you don’t want to. The opportunity is wide open should you want to accept the challenge.

What are the requirements? Firstly before starting, you will need a working understanding of Bitcoin and I suggest that you fully understand the business and get an in-depth knowledge by observing and asking as many questions as possible. Knowledge is power and the more information you have the more you will potentially earn. You can get all the information you need from the online resources that have been uploaded already.

Once you have the knowledge it is up to you to find people who are wanting to be part of Mirror Trading International and get them signed up with an account. They will need a minimum of $100 in their trading account to start, which will mean that you receive $10 or 10% of whatever they invest. There is a 7 day waiting period on all referral bonuses, after that you can add it to your trading account or withdraw it.

Are you up for this challenge? Please fill in the form below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t like selling so is this for me? You are promoting the Mirror Trading International opportunity, this can be done directly with people you meet or your online connections. If you get people interested and they like what you are promoting and how you promote it, then chances are they will join. When they join and invest you will earn 10%.

How are people going to believe me if I am not an investor myself? It may be easier if you had an investment, but not everyone who sells something own that item themselves. If you were a person selling aeroplanes, it does not mean you own an aeroplane. As a promoter, you need understanding about how the company works so that you can give people the correct information.

Who will answer my questions? We have a team that will support you and help you on your road to success but you will need to watch videos and read material to get our own information as well.

How will I get paid? You will need to have a Bitcoin wallet. All the referral bonuses are available 7 days later.

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