Why do people love schemes?

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Before I proceed … if I stand on your toes, I suggest you move your feet.

Have you heard anything like earn up to 2,5% a day?

A scheme is an exact science and 100% predictable. The guarantee is that some people will make a lot of money, and others will lose lots of money when the scheme fails.

The daily earnings of any scheme can be predicted (it does not matter if they are small or big) and that is how they attract members into these schemes. People love things that are predictable.

Remember the only thing that is 100% predictable in a scheme is ‘it will fail’.

When people are making money that is the last thing they will believe.

The scheme will only last as long as new members are doubling in a time period that can be calculated according to the daily returns. This is the science of the scheme.

The people who run schemes know the science and schemes work for three, six, nine or 12 months.

When the scheme is in the failing stage, they either disappear completely or they start telling you that the activity that they engaged in is no longer profitable and they are changing the way they do business, delaying the enviable and promising you an even better future if you stick with them.

They will do anything to try to keep a captive base of leaders and suckers who will continue to believe and support them, even though they have already failed dismally. If schemes were real businesses you would have taken your money and invested somewhere else, but it is a great opportunity to get rich quick that keeps people yearning and dreaming of making millions in schemes.

The reality is those who design the scheme are the guys making the money.

A business is the art of possibility – it allows you to make money if you understand the process of business. No business is ever an overnight success and choosing business associates that you can trust and who has gained experience over many years becomes an important factor in your long term success.

When you understand the process of business, success is measured over time and not in the moment.

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