You and 3 Bitcoin – The Investors Tale

Screenshot 2019-06-08 at 18.24.16You have heard of Bitcoin, some of you may know a little and others would consider themselves advanced users. Regardless of how much knowledge you have about Bitcoin, the real question is do you own any Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has proven to be the best investment in the last decade and it is up 800% in the last 10 quarters (2.5 Years). It would take more than 8 years to deliver the same results if you were compounding money at 30% year-over-year.

Currently, the market capitalisation of Bitcoin is $140 Billion and it is possible that in the next bull run Bitcoin’s market capitalisation will exceed $1 Trillion. A long term prediction is that before 2045 (when the last Bitcoin is mined) the market cap of Bitcoin will surpass that of Gold which has a market capitalisation of over $7 Trillion.

What would the price of Bitcoin be at those market capitalisations?

Bitcoin Price $8,000  –  Market Cap. $141 Billion

Bitcoin Price $60,000  –  Market Cap. $1 Trillion

Bitcoin Price $360,000 –  Market Cap. $7,5 Trillion

Is this a feasible scenario?

Can Bitcoin reach the $60,000 level in the next Bull Run? Technically it can if you look at charts, but past performance is not a science. However, I see many traditional institutions warning against Bitcoin and this, in my opinion, is often a sign that they are buying Bitcoin. Adoption by retail, institutional investors and private people like retirees who don’t yet understand Bitcoin could see the adoption of Bitcoin increase 100 fold in the next year or two.

This is underpinned by the fact that people are losing faith in traditional authorities and institutions and are wanting to control their own financial destiny. Bitcoin is not only a social currency, but it has the ability to give intelligent people the power of self-determination.

As you will see Bitcoin is still in the early stages and you can grow with Bitcoin regardless of how little you own today.

You and 3 Bitcoin is the title of this article and that is a strategy that can be adopted. I am not saying put all your wealth into Bitcoin. Start small and build up until you have at least 3 Bitcoin or whatever you may be comfortable with.

3 is a good number, should the value reach $360,000 in the next few years you would be a US Dollar Millionaire. We can all dream but let’s look at a practical solution to get you to the place where you own 3 or more Bitcoins within the next 5 years.

Your Solution = Mirror Trading International (MTI)

MTI affords you the opportunity of keeping your Bitcoin in your own account whilst your account automatically trades using advanced software.

This way not only is your Bitcoin safe, but you will profit and earn more Bitcoin daily as your account profits from the mirror trading. Whilst your account is profiting and growing the number of Bitcoin in your account, the value of Bitcoin could increase with the pending bull run.

Currently, the minimum investment with MTI is 0.02 Bitcoin which at the current value of around $10000 per Bitcoin is $200 and that 0.02 would grow from the daily profits. Let’s assume you have doubled that in a few months to 0.06 Bitcoin and at the same time the price of Bitcoin has risen to $25000 per Bitcoin, the value of your investment would be over $1500. With compound growth, it could take you 3 to 5 years and you would have achieved the 3 Bitcoin you were aiming for.

If you had 3 Bitcoin, to begin with, you could be earning as much as one bitcoin per month based on some of the past results Mirror Trading International has achieved.

These are the possibilities of Bitcoin and perhaps it’s time to look at Bitcoin again?

If you would like more information about how you can get started with Bitcoin or Mirror Trading International please contact me:

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