My Investment Strategy

Screenshot 2019-08-04 at 12.42.03Recently I have been asked by many of my readers to share my investment strategy.

Firstly I believe in having Multiple Streams of Income as I mentioned in that article. The first six streams are very self- explanatory but I like to concentrate on  Income Stream 7: Your 7th stream of income is made up of investments ranging from the low risk to high-risk investments.

I have tried the high-risk and even the medium-risk and most of them are schemes which I have outlined in my article Why do people love schemes?

I concentrate on two investment vehicles namely Mirror Trading International and the Royal Investors Club.

Mirror Trading International is a real game-changer, not only am I in full control of my investment at all times and I can deposit and withdraw at any time, but the investment is Bitcoin-based so as the price of Bitcoin rises, so does the value of my investment.

The business of Mirror Trading International focuses on trading on the New York Nasdaq stock exchange and my account automatically mirrors the trades of the master traders. It is a real business arrangement, as the master traders and the company can only make money if they make money for me first. The results have been good and in the last 22 trading days, the profits have been just over 25%.

The investment with the Royal Investor Club gives me a fixed 10% monthly profit in U.S. Dollars and paid in Bitcoin. The investment term is only 6 months, I receive 50% in that period with my capital returned to me in the sixth month. I then start again for another 6 months. This is a more predictable income stream and one that I can budget with.

Royal Investor Club works with a multi-billion dollar privately owned property development and investment company who offers members an opportunity to join their exclusive investor club.

In summary, I start my investments in Mirror Trading International which allows me to add smaller amounts whenever I have them. I let this work for me and build up capital so that I can invest with the club and consolidate my earnings, which gives me a predictable monthly income in U.S. Dollars with the Royal Investors Club.

Should you require any further information about Mirror Trading International or Royal Investor Club please do not hesitate to contact me on WhatsApp +27824131604 or via email:

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