The Investors Game Changer

Screenshot 2019-06-12 at 19.03.48There is an old saying that goes: ‘No risk, no reward’ and when it comes to investing people seem to love taking risks. The first question should always be “Is this a real investment or is it a scheme?” The guarantee with a scheme is that it will fail and you may just be part of the failure. If you are not sure about how to identify a scheme please read my article Why do people love schemes?

The idea with investment is to be in control and know the risk, which is usually somewhere between low and medium. 

How can You be in control?

With the average investment you have absolutely no control and the results of your investment are with the people who manage your investment. These rules are changing however – a company called Mirror Trading International is rewriting the rules of investment and with them, you are fully in control. 

Is control even possible?

Before I tell you what is possible, let me tell you a real-life situation that happened last week. Emmanuel, my friend in Nigeria, urgently needed funds to take his wife to the hospital. He had invested $200 three weeks ago and his capital had grown to around $250. Without closing any trades in progress he was able to draw $180 from his trading account and he received the money within 4 hours.

How does the investment work when you are in control of your account?

If you choose to leave the minimum balance of $100 in your account, then your account will automatically trade.

Could I lose all my money with this type of investment?

The Mirror Trading International system prevents your account from being overtraded and potentially losing all your capital. The system will only risk 2-5% of your capital on a trade. That way that should a loss occur, it can be easily caught up in the following trades or trading days.

The vision of Mirror Trading International is to make you a sustainable income of good returns, keeping you happy so that you don’t feel the need to find yourself another investment. However, you are more than welcome to look for alternative or additional investments at any time, as you are not in an agreement of any sort with the company.

With these facts, I am sure that you will see why I say that Mirror Trading International is the investors game changer.

Should you have any further questions please contact me on WhatsApp +27824131604 or visit the Mirror Trading International information page for more details.

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4 Responses to The Investors Game Changer

  1. Kathura Kemba says:


    Can I please get a referral link to Mirror Trading International.


    • Currently, we are using this link for registration and you will be able to see an explainer video when you open the page
      When asked who referred you: Richard Simmonds

      Once you have opened your trading account with FXChoice you will need to do the KYC requirements and wait for your account to be verified before funding it with Bitcoin.

      If you have any questions please contact me via WhatsApp on +27824131604


  2. dmarioclark says:

    Great Work! Very Helpful Article. Thank you for sharing:-)


  3. The Post shows the incredible power of story telling, as each part is completed with a memorable story. Thank you for that.

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