The Investment Club Advantage

Screenshot 2019-06-23 at 15.37.18Investment clubs are developed when a group of investors decide to combine their resources to get better rates, better returns and the best leverage possible from the combined total of everyone’s investment in the club. These type of investment clubs have been around for many years and are the way smart people with real money have always invested.

Clubs offer everyone the same return, as regardless of how much you put in, it still contributes to the overall strength of the club and its ability to leverage the best investment deals. One such club that I belong to is called the Royal Investor Club and we are affiliated members of R.C.O. who provides the administrative function and pay the monthly dividends to the club members.

The investment club has grown in strength over the years, and with the managed investment approach of R.C.O. and its own asset base is able to provide a return of 10% per month for members investing between US$750 and US$2250. Members who invest more than US$2500 receive a return of 11% per month. The maximum investment that the club will accept is US$250,000.

All memberships with the club are for six months and they work as follows: Start with your investment, end of month 1 receive 10% profit paid directly to you, end of month two, three, four and five receive 10% profit paid directly to you. In the sixth month, at the end of your investment period, you will receive your capital back. At that stage, you can decide if you would like to continue for a further 6 months.

If you wish to increase your investment at any time you would need to start an additional investment with a minimum of US$750 which would start a new 6 month period for that new membership.

For more information regarding the club please watch this video:

This is the real example of the rising tide lifting all the ships, is it not time you considered joining the investment opportunity that Royal Investors Club and R.C.O. offers you?

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