A Measure of Success

pexels-photo-999267What makes you successful and when can you say you have achieved something in life? It really depends on how you and those around you decide to measure success. This is where you need to be cautious, and this is why it is often said that you are only as successful as your friends are. You should be asking yourself who are your friends?

If you have millionaires and billionaires for friends and they are saying you are successful, well perhaps you are. In contrast to that, if you have a bunch of friends that are struggling to pay their bills and you are the only one who manages to pay your bills, then guess what – you are more successful than your friends, but very few people, if any, would acknowledge you as being successful.

We are often successful in one area of our lives and yet we fail in another. Some people spend too much time at work or practising a sport. Their friends and colleagues may see them as successful, but their families would like the person to have more balance in life and they would only see the person as successful if the person made time for them as well.

It is often said that life is about balance, but I think that particular saying is more of a dream than a reality. In order to achieve success, sacrifices need to be made. However, it is more important to understand what you are trying to achieve personally and what will ultimately make you happy. I just hope that your dream is not money, as money will not bring you success. Rather strive to simplify your life and find out what is important to you.

I meet people who tell me they love to travel, they have amazing cars but never travel more than 50 kilometres from home. Perhaps it was me who misunderstood the concept of travel, which to me is to fly to new destinations, explore the local cultures, meet people and eat the food they eat.

We will never agree on everything, that I know. Sometimes we need to formulate our own measure of success and set our own goals, instead of waiting for others to recognise us.

Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-in-blue-suit-999267/

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