So you’re trending… now what?

Screenshot 2019-06-27 at 12.51.09In social media, people love to work until they get something to trend. In fact, it almost seems like a measure of success. However when things trend everyone gets excited and then does nothing further. Strange but true, and this trend of trending with no idea of what to do when it trends has been happening for years.

I am thinking, is this the same kind of thinking that exists when you dare your friend to ask the celebrity for the date, and the celebrity says yes? Or is it like the dog chasing the cat, who eventually catches the cat, then has no idea what to do next?

If you have absolutely no idea why you are doing something and have no secondary strategy, why are you wasting your time? Surely if you really wanted to date the celebrity, you would have thought about which restaurant you would be going to and what the conversation would be for the evening, or is that not part of the strategy? Is it just to tell your friends that you could have gone on a date with a celebrity?

Similar thinking happens with videos. People always want the video to go viral. They put every last drop of the creativity they have into a single video and then if the video goes viral, they are just another one hit wonder!

It’s time to think and plan far more strategically than we have ever done before. Will it work and will the effort in planning the correct strategy work? Yes, absolutely it will because all your competitors are too lazy or just don’t have the budget (that’s the excuse for when we are too lazy to do what we should actually be doing – then we just blame it on budget constraints and cutbacks).

Communicating effectively and strategically is part of what you should be doing, but don’t worry if you are not able to do it, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence will be able to execute the plan tirelessly.

Yes, that is the reality, whether you work for a big fat corporate or you are a solo entrepreneur, you are rewarded when you think and not when you work. There are many solutions and some you will need to test and understand, that may take some effort, but ultimately you need to be thinking and putting a great deal of thought into the strategy you are planning.

Perhaps you have always done things in a specific way, but have you ever thought of doing it differently? That is the challenge, you need to think differently, as technology can easily do what you do, better, faster and more effectively.

Creativity will be one of the skills, if not the most important skill, that is required in the workplace of the future.


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