International Business and Leadership Opportunities

Screenshot 2019-07-03 at 15.25.59Business and leadership go hand in hand. Are you an individual with entrepreneurial thinking? Would you like to be a pioneer in your town, region country or even internationally? Perhaps you speak Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian or one of the other 4500 spoken languages in the world and you would like to lead your language group in the world? In a more modern innovative and disruptive approach you may want to lead the online world, with a communication style that has never been done before.

A business opportunity by the name of Mirror Trading International (MTI) – the Investment and Networking Company, has started and is growing steadily. The company works as follows: Your membership is traded by Mirror Trading International daily in a managed club pool. More information can be found on the MTI page.

How will you benefit as a leader?

MTI is an MLM company with a difference, the business structure is a binary system where you will earn bonuses from your weaker team leg, but the bonuses are based on profit sharing and are only paid from profits made from actual trading. This makes completely sustainable and real, as a business is about profits.

These binary profit-sharing bonuses are paid weekly, which provides you with a residual income according to the size of the team you have built within the business. The focus at MTI is to make money for the investors first, but with a growing community of happy investors that are earning a sustainable income, your team will grow naturally as people talk about the results and get their friends to join them. A growing business means a growing income for you and everyone in your team.

What will be expected of you as a leader?

You will be expected to co-ordinate your growing team and do everything possible to grow your business within the structure provided by Mirror Trading International.

How will I be compensated?

Within the MTI structure, you have your own business, obviously, you will earn from your own investment, then you will receive a 10% referral bonus of the amount invested by the people you refer directly to the MTI system. Then over and above that, you will receive profit sharing on a weekly bonus.

What support will I receive?

You will be directly supported by me personally, I will be providing you with marketing material, including articles, promotional and training videos and support for your online endeavours through amplification of your social media posts.

Should you be doing the communication in another language other than English I will provide you with the English texts which will need to be translated by yourself and your team so that we can assist with producing material and videos in your language.

The next step?

Can you accept a challenge like this, are you prepared to do what it takes to be successful and join me on the road to financial freedom?

If this sounds like the opportunity for you, please contact me at

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