Why are you on LinkedIn?

linkedin-1007071_960_720Five years ago I said ‘LinkedIn is the place everyone parks their resumes and CVs’ and at the same time I also said ‘Your greatest ideas of 5 years ago are now your baggage‘. Today I am here to tell you how things have changed.

The question is do people still use LinkedIn as a place to park their resumes and CVs’? Yes, they do but there is another interesting thing that people are doing on Linked In, they actually think they are being social and are on Social Media. Now that may sound stupid and obvious, but if it does then we are clearly not thinking. What do I mean?

LinkedIn has over 260 Million active users monthly, and what are they doing you may ask? My opinion is that more than 50% of those 260 Million users think they are playing the social media game, and they are in one way or another, but are they being social? No most likely not, they are simply there to consume content from others on LinkedIn.

When last did you post something worthwhile on LinkedIn?

Did you write an article? Upload a video or a podcast? Share something interesting? If you have not done something you may have missed a few opportunities, but you have not missed them all. LinkedIn is positioned professionally so people are more serious and share better content. Here is your opportunity to get the attention of the people you were looking for.

So get busy and get going before everyone realises the opportunity LinkedIn will give you.

What is the opportunity?

Simply put, because many people are only consuming content on LinkedIn, you have the amazing opportunity to publish your content and get it out to many professionals who could be looking for your product or service. Be more creative and think about different ways of getting attention. If you don’t your competitors will soon catch on.

If you have questions or don’t really understand LinkedIn (perhaps you still wondering about Social Media) I invite you to email me and we can start talking. My email is richsimmondsza@gmail.com

Image: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/linkedin-linked-in-1007071/

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