3 Reasons why MTI is Different

Looking for a brand new opportunity, sure we all are. But choosing the right business is important. There have been many failures in the past, yet we all hope that the next opportunity will be the one that will help us on the road to financial freedom.

Will Mirror Trading International be the business you have been looking for?

All businesses tell you that you can make money, but can they make a sustained income for you for many years to come?

Let’s look at three factors which make Mirror Trading International vastly different from many of the opportunities you may have been offered.

Screenshot 2019-09-30 at 23.53.271. Control

No money is ever held by Mirror Trading International, your money is immediately transferred to the brokers account, where your Bitcoin will trade using the advanced software of the system.

You have control over the funds you have invested, you decide when you deposit and when to withdraw and you don’t need anyone’s permission to do so. What is even more important is that withdrawals are paid in Bitcoin within 48 hours.

There are also no hidden fees, withdrawal or any other annual fees.

Speaking of Bitcoin that brings me to the second reason Mirror Trading International is so different from the standard company.

3 Reasons MTI is Different.0202. Bitcoin

With MTI Bitcoin is the currency used for the trading, other companies usually accept Bitcoin but then convert it back to a normal currency like Dollars. Your investment is then fixed at that dollar rate.

When you fund your trading account with Bitcoin, the value stays in Bitcoin or BTC (otherwise known as Bits which is the BTC value multiplied by 1,000,000)

The value of your investment is always in Bitcoin, so when the price of Bitcoin rises so will the value of your investment. The daily trading profits are percentages of Bitcoin when profits are made on your trading account the number of Bitcoin you have increases.

Think of the following scenario: you may have 0.03 BTC in your trading account currently which is worth $300 at the current Bitcoin price of $10000 per Bitcoin. Should the price go to the predicted $25000 in the next year, the value of your investment could be $750 and that is without taking into consideration the trading profits you will earn.

Talking about the profits, Mirror Trading International is a real business and profits are the third reason that makes MTI different.

3 Reasons MTI is Different.0273. Profits

Many people can tell you they are making a profit, but in fact, many companies have lied about the profits they make. 100% transparency is needed.

With Mirror Trading International your Bitcoin trades daily within the brokers pool account. When the traders make a profit it is reflected on your statement proportionally to your investment, as it is reflected in every Mirror Trading International member’s  statement.

There are no packages in MTI, your account continues to trade providing it has a minimum balance.

When the traders make a profit on the trading account, the profits are divided accordingly: 40% for you the member, 30% for the traders who did the work to earn the profit, 10% to MTI for administration and to pay referral bonuses, and then another 20% of that profit goes to the profit-sharing bonuses within the binary structure of the organisation, of which you and your team are part.

Screenshot 2019-09-30 at 23.56.55MTI is a real business and bonuses can only be paid if there are profits. Everything is transparent and you as a member will see these results daily in the statements you receive from Mirror Trading International.

Let’s look at the 3 reasons again:

  1. Your money is with the brokers and not with MTI, you are in full control, you can deposit and withdraw whenever you like.
  2. The investment currency is Bitcoin and the value of your investment will increase not only from the daily trades but also from the rising price of Bitcoin.
  3. Everything is 100% transparent, the profits are real, you receive a daily statement and you can monitor the results and performance of the company for yourself via your live account.

For more information please contact:

Rich Simmonds
WhatsApp +27824131604
email: richsimmondsza@gmail.com
Telegram: https://t.me/RichZA


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1 Response to 3 Reasons why MTI is Different

  1. Zuko Camagu says:

    Dear Rich
    Thank you for sharing this information. I joined MTI in January 2020 and each of your posts has helped me grow in my understanding what MTI busuness opportunity is about.



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