MTI – The Non-MLM “Unfair” Advantage

Screenshot 2019-08-09 at 21.54.38Before we go any further, MTI stands for Mirror Trading International and MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing, otherwise known as Network Marketing.

We all need a little more money, in fact, I have never met anyone who said they did not need some extra money. However, most people are put off by the idea of network marketing because they often need to sell to their friends.

This is where things start to become unfair, with Mirror Trading International you will receive passive bonuses without recruiting, it’s a trading company, not a personnel agency.

If this is what you are looking for head over to the MTI Page on my website where you will be able to view a short video and get some more information. The suggested minimum deposit is affordable at $100 worth of Bitcoin and you will receive daily bonuses in Bitcoin from the trades.

Of course, there is an affiliate side of the company and if you have ever seen a network marketing plan, Mirror Trading International provides more than just an unfair advantage.

They say you should never join a network marketing company that does not have a Binary Compensation plan and the average MLM company offers a 10% bonus, which  when simplified means you have two legs in your business, and when these legs balance you will receive 10% of the accumulated value or whatever rules the company has set in place. The 10% is once-off and then you need to recruit someone else and increase the volume in your business.

What makes the Binary Pool Share with Mirror Trading International so different?

It is a binary pool profit-sharing bonus that is paid weekly on 20% of the profit generated in your smallest binary leg and you will continue to receive these bonuses as long as your members keep a minimum balance and the company continues to make a profit. It is that simple and there are no packages to renew and no strange hidden clauses.

How much could I potentially earn from the Binary Pool Share?

Mirror Trading International has posted consistent results, but as we know history is not an indication of the future, so let me give you a small example based on a relatively low-profit scenario.

*PLEASE NOTE: In the following examples, an estimated 1% is used for the binary profit-sharing bonuses – the calculation is a very complex calculation and this is simply a broad estimation for illustration purposes only.

Let’s look at example one where you have a personal membership of $200 and you have signed up two friends each with a membership of $200

Screenshot 2019-08-09 at 21.45.23

The total profit for the week is 5% and members receive 40% of the total which means members will get 2% and *1% will go to the binary profit-sharing bonuses.

Therefore the membership of $200 receives $4 for the week and also receives *$2 for the binary bonus as there is an equal amount on the left and right. The total bonuses received by this member are thus $6 for the week.

In the next example, you have a personal membership of $500 and you have signed up two friends each and you have a team that has total memberships $5000 on your left and $9000 on your right.

Screenshot 2019-08-09 at 21.45.23

This member receives $10 for the week from the $500 membership and also receives *$50 for the binary bonus calculated on the value of the smallest leg on the left. This is an estimate and these figures on dependant on results and qualified members in the binary.

The total bonuses received by this member are thus $60 for the week.

This member will continue to receive these bonuses weekly and it is likely to increase as the team grows. This is what we call the unfair advantage of Mirror Trading International.

Should you wish to join the opportunity or would just like some additional information please contact me on WhatsApp +27824131604 or email me at

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