Friends with Benefits

Screenshot 2019-08-31 at 12.12.25Why would you want a friend with no benefits? Perhaps that is something people should be considering, especially those in the online community.

Every day I get friend requests on Facebook and LinkedIn, why do people want to be my friend I ask, what is the mutual benefit?

Think about it, if some random person in the street said to you, “do you want to be my friend”, what would your reaction be?

Friends need to have something in common – do we like the same food, share an interest in cars or travel or anything like that? Perhaps we have shared similar experiences in the past and find common ground, but if we have nothing in common, what is the benefit of the friendship? Friendships cannot be one-sided either; if I am online, just like anyone else online, people could stalk us, read our posts and articles and even comment if they like. They don’t need to be our friends to do that.

Or am I perhaps missing something about the online friends’ thing? Is it that people want to gather friends like they gather money in the bank so that at some time they can use these friends? That is a real possibility…


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