What would I do, if I had $10000 today?

I would join the Mirror Trading International Founders Pool. What is that and why would you do that, you will ask?

If you have not heard about MTI then click on this link https://richsimmondsza.com/mti/

The founder’s pool is an exclusive membership offered to MTI Members by the founder and CEO Johann Steynberg, whereby you and other founder members will share in 5% of the total monthly profits. This is over and above the normal trading bonuses that you would get on your $10000 or more membership.

Currently (7 September 2019) there is a total of 50 Bitcoin in the pool. Assuming that MTI makes a monthly profit of 15% (currently the average is a little more), the total profit made by the company would be 7.5 BTC or around $77250 at the current Bitcoin price and you and the other founder members would share 5% of that amount.

That may not sound like much, but you have until the 15th of September 2019 to take up the Founder Membership offer and no more founder members will be added after that date.

Statistically, the company has close to 900 members with 50BTC in the trading pool. You can imagine what the total BTC will be when there are 10,000 and more members of the company.

This is definitely an opportunity worthy of consideration. The only criterion for this is that you leave a minimum of $10000 in your membership position otherwise your Founders Membership will be discontinued.

Please note this is just my opinion and this should not be interpreted as investment advice.

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