Support and Leadership – the disruptive Affiliate Marketing strategy.

Screenshot 2019-09-09 at 18.28.47Affiliate Marketing provides an amazing opportunity which could change your financial future, however, joining the right team is more important than ever.

Affilaite Marketing or Network Marketing is not a new industry, the concept has been around since the ’60s. The way these opportunities are presented and the way people prospect has also not changed significantly since then.

In the past you would present to someone face to face or try to get to them to some meeting that would ultimately wow them, leaving them to think, “I have to be part of this”. Then there would be weekly training seminars and meetings giving you tips on how to do things better, even special training sessions where some successful person would secretly share his tips on how to be the next superstar in the industry.

Some of those approaches may still work, but I always felt there had to be a better way. I believed I found it a few years ago and I have been using my new system ever since.

My experience in the field of digital communication and marketing, together with the work I constantly do, has caused me to be recognised as one of the Top20 Digital Marketing Influencers in the world, and I have been in these top rankings for more than 5 years now.

If you are thinking of joining an opportunity in the network industry, I believe my credentials could be what you should be looking for. I am not saying this to boast about my achievements, but rather to give you the peace of mind that you are choosing a leader and a team that knows how and strives every day to do things better. I am available to personally mentor you should you be willing to learn.

Why should you join our team you may ask?

We have deep knowledge of social platforms and what people are looking for, with this experience we have developed a system that will consistently generate awareness and new leads.

We don’t stop there, we continuously develop the highest quality new marketing, presentation and communication material which keeps the interest and excitement to the highest levels possible.

After many years in the industry – I have the ability to identify potential problems in new businesses and this post will illustrate those facts to you Why do people love schemes?

The business that I have been building since its inception in April 2019 is Mirror Trading International

Why Mirror Trading International?

The business is solid and has a fantastic business plan which is 100% sustainable, as it is run on the principle which is simply if there are no profits, there can be no bonuses. The profits of the company are made through daily trading and the results have been consistent with an average return of over 10% monthly.

Mirror Trading International this week has exceeded 4000 members, so the opportunity is very new and a good time to join if you would like to introduce this opportunity into your community or even into your country.

I am looking for Community, Regional and National Leaders

The only pre-requisite you need is a teachable entrepreneurial spirit, with a desire to achieve success. I will guide you the rest of the way.

If this description fits you, I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me via WhatsApp on +27824131604

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Retired but still Disruptive
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