Let’s look at ‘Marketing’ in Network Marketing

Screenshot 2019-09-20 at 14.42.24Social Media changed the way we communicate and if you think it is just a lot of superfluous overcommunication, then you are only partially correct. Whenever there is overcommunication, then it demands transparency and this, of course, is the intrinsic power of social media which many people overlook.

If you were ever invited to some sort of business presentation where they could not tell you what business it was or they used some jargon to attract you to the opportunity then you will know what I am talking about. The worst misuse of your friends is when they were invited to a barbecue, only to find out that they were actually there to attend a business presentation by some guy wearing a fake Rolex, and rather overdressed for the occasion.

Honesty and transparency go a long way, people who lived before social media could blatantly lie about where they spent their holidays and no one could verify where they were. These days people aren’t impressed unless you have photos of your holiday and the expectation is that you will at least post something on social media. When I first started with social media, many people resisted and what I found was that those who did not want to be on social media had something to hide. If you are offended by that statement, why are you online and reading this article?

Perhaps I have deviated from what I wanted to say, but sometimes it does help to get things into context. So without rambling let me tell what successful builders are doing in the new era of Network Marketing:

We hardly have meetings anymore – Everyone is busy and we have more important things to do than attend meetings where some leader tells us about his fancy holiday and how he built the business, and in the end does not tell us how he did it, in case we copy his system. You are more than welcome to copy anything I do, that’s why it’s called social media.

We use technology – During this week I told my team that I will be moving and you know what they did not care. The only comment was “Will you still be connected and will the technology still work?” As long as you can connect effectively you can build a business. 95% of the people in my business have never met me face to face.

We are open and honest – No matter how legitimate and how long the product MLM companies are, I always felt uncomfortable that I needed to bluff to get people to opportunity meetings. There is no place for that bullshit anymore, you have to be honest and say to people that you are speaking to them about whatever business you represent.

We use the phone occasionally – No one truly enjoys cold calling! No one wants to hear from you unless they have heard of you. WhatsApp, Telegram and other messaging tools are effective, you need to get attention by giving people something valuable, like information that is useful to them. Unfortunately, if you are trying to sell you are only being useful to yourself, not necessarily the person. You have to think like a journalist, and not like a marketer.

We understand what people want – Do you understand what people want? They want to make money. If you want to be successful in network marketing you need to be able to teach people how to make money, and easily.

We avoid delayed gratification tactics – Don’t tell people about how much they can make in the years to come, that is an ugly trick. I can tell you that if you sell a million Ferraris that you can buy your own Ferrari, but realistically what are the chances? STOP doing that, get real and practical.

We use ourselves as an example – Gone are the days when we brag about someone we know who lives next door to someone who is successful in network marketing. No one wants to hear about that. No, we are honest, and if someone asks us how much we have made then we tell them we made $10 if we have made $10, that is authentic and people know when you are lying. We also have empathy, so we will not brag telling someone we made a million dollars when they are struggling to find $100. If at all possible you help that person find the money, remembering the day when you only had $10 to start in the business.

We do practical things that will bring us closer to the point where we can start dreaming – Everyone tells you you need a dream. Let me tell you until you make some money it is difficult to dream, because trying to pay the mortgage, school fees and feed your family don’t give much place for dreams. Leave all the excuses in the book and start working. When you have made some money you will be surprised how quickly you start to dream.

We post and create the list – In the past network marketers told you to make a list so that you can start phoning people, but it was a tough and hard way of doing things. Have a list of 100 names and keep adding to that list, but the problem comes when you set yourself a goal to add 2-3 names a day to that list. Nowadays the solution is simple, it’s called LinkedIn and it is not the professional network for nothing. Professional means getting paid for what you do, so that means there are millions of people on LinkedIn looking for how to make more money. You have the solution so start making those connections – on LinkedIn you can have 30,000 connections with a free account.

We overwork when it comes to communication – If you think what I have just told you sounds like work, you are in for a terrible shock. You need to be communicating on as many platforms as possible. Messaging on WhatsApp and Telegram, posting pictures on Instagram and Facebook, stories on Facebook and your Blog and then telling the world about all the things you have just posted on those platforms on Twitter. The most important thing to remember is don’t be boring. Get creative and get ideas from others but whatever you do you have to try and be different on your posts. It’s not easy but you will find it rewarding.

We all started out wanting to be successfully lazy, but with a bit of experience and a lot of work, we have become successfully smart.

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  1. Chinedu Ajuruchi says:

    This write-up is really instructive. I’m really enlightened and challenged. Thank you Rich for this article.


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