Calling all Business Leaders – Mirror Trading International Leadership Sponsorship Program

Screenshot 2019-09-22 at 00.02.55Would you like to learn the skills needed for leadership whilst earning income from your own efforts daily?

I am not concerned about how much success you have had in the past or how much you have failed, if you need an opportunity where you can finally plant your flag then MTI may be the one that you have been looking for.

What type of person will you need to be? You will need to be a self-starter who is teachable (by that I mean you are able to teach yourself and ask the right questions) I will teach you as much as I know, but I expect you to learn as much as you can at the same time.

How will I be helping you? I will be providing you with professional training, marketing and presentation material. I will be available almost 24/7 to help you grow your business.

What if you have no money to start? Work and influence is the currency. Not having the capital to start is a challenge that is easily overcome. If you are willing to work, I am willing to assist you.

MTI is the Opportunity you have been looking for: Mirror Trading International is a real company, if there are no profits there will be no bonuses. The results have been consistent and the average member earns at least 2,0% weekly from their investment currently. This is the historical data and cannot be guaranteed in the future, although the traders will always do their best to ensure a good profit. There are no packages in MTI, all a member needs to do is keep money in the trading pool and their membership continues.

The binary is what sets MTI apart from the other companies, the average MLM  company offers a once-off 10% binary matching bonus. The MTI Binary bonus is based on income generated from the trading and pays every week. The average weekly binary bonus is 0,7% currently which means that in seven weeks you have earned 10%. The binary continues week after week and pays you that percentage every week on the total volume in your weaker leg forever.

Should these historical results continue you could easily earn 70% of the value of your weaker leg in the first year and it would continue to grow.

Is this real and sustainable? Yes MTI is 100% sustainable, only if there is trading profits can there be bonuses. The daily trading profit is split accordingly: 40% Member, 30% Traders, 10% MTI Company and 20% to the Binary Bonuses.

What is the added advantage of MTI? The base currency of MTI is Bitcoin, and as the price of Bitcoin rises so will the value of your investment and the team you will be building. This is the win-win opportunity MTI is offering you.

Will you join us and secure your future with Mirror Trading International?

Please contact Rich Simmonds on WhatsApp +27824131604 or email:


Currently, all material and communication is in English.

Should you wish to be the person that has the vision to introduce MTI to your language in the world, I will gladly work with you in developing all the marketing material and presentations in your language.

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Top 20 Global Digital Marketing Influencer | Professional Speaker & Facilitator | Author | Bitcoin Business Opportunity
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