According to Linkedin CEO Biggest Gap in Workforce Is Not Programming or Coding, It’s Soft Skills

action-adult-advice-1120344-v1by Justine Rex Llanes

LinkedIn needs no further introduction. It is the world’s largest professional networking website. Basically, anyone who wants to be someone needs a LinkedIn profile because someone in the industry use this network as a tool to find you.

Don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet? Then go make one now! Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

Done? So let’s move on with the article. Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn’s CEO had dropped a bomb in saying that coding (easily the trendiest skill of all to have right now) is NOT the most in-demand skill being sought after globally. Instead, these are four soft skills and that’s what we are going to share with you in this article together with solid tips on how to improve each of them.

The Big Four Soft Skills Sought After Globally According to Jeff Weiner

Skill #1: Written Communication

Let us start with your LinkedIn profile. How did you present yourself through your profile? That’s written communication right there. Whenever you express yourself (or basically anything else) via written word regardless if it’s going to be on screen or on paper, then it’ll be regarded as written communication.

So, how do you level up your written communication skills? Here are some tips:

  • Focus on clarity. Use simple words—terms that most of us would be able to understand, regardless if your readers are in the same industry that you belong to or not. We recommend preparing an outline first and filling it in. The finished product will be your first draft. Next, go back, reread it, and remove everything that is redundant and irrelevant. This simple and straightforward process can improve your written work drastically.
  • Don’t forget transitions! Your written work should be fluid. Never switch around between topics haphazardly lest you confuse and lose your readers.
  • Finally, make use of available online tools. Grammarly, for instance, is a great example. It is a grammar checker that you can use for free across different platforms. It even has a pro version with even more features.

Skill #2: Oral Communication

If you can express yourself through written words, then you must be able to push ideas forward verbally as well. In fact, Warren Buffett, one of the wealthiest men in the world, says that learning the art of public speaking can improve your career value by a whopping 50%!

Again, here are some tips on how to improve your oral communication skills:

  • As in writing, you should speak clearly too. Remember, it’s easier to lose your audience and get misinterpreted when you’re talking. There’s no way for your audience to reread what you have just said, and of course, there’ll be no pause and play buttons. That being said, this leads us to the next tip.
  • Talk about your most important points first. That way, even if you lose the attention of your audience mid-way, you’d have already expressed what you really want to say already. The rest is simply details, supporting arguments, examples, and further explanation.
  • Practice, practice, practice! Grab every opportunity to socialize and talk with other people. Plus points if you can practice on a slightly larger crowd and ask for their feedback.

Skill #3: Team Building

Aside from honing your communication skills, you should also invest in team-building skills. By the way, if you really have mastered the previous two soft skills, then you will be happy to know that they can be utilized to improve this skill too.

However, other than learning how to communicate with your teammates efficiently and knowing which method of communication works best, what are the other tips that one can practice to improve their team-building game? Here they are:

  • Build on trust. Trust, such an easy thing to say, but not always a simple thing to give. However, as a team leader, you should recognize that you are simply part of a bigger team and that without them and without trusting them, you will never accomplish whatever project or goal you’ve set out to do. You can start by giving your members to take on more important tasks and make crucial decisions. Not only will your members feel trusted, but this will also give them a sense of responsibility and much-needed confidence to tackle harder and bigger tasks as you move forward and your team gets bigger.
  • Foster friendships within the team. There are some hardcore and competitive team leaders and project managers out there who might frown on this tip, but according to Adam Grant of the New York Times, it’s actually better to foster friendships at work. That’s because, to quote the article “when friends work together, they’re more trusting and committed to one another’s success.”

Skill #4: Leadership Skills

Finally, let’s move on to the last skill: leadership. And just like the previous tip, did you know that having excellent communication and team-building skills will also build upon your leadership skills? They all work and complement each other!

Here are some tips on how to improve this skill:

  • Respect your people. We’re not going to change the tone of this article into a discussion about faith, but the quote: “treat others the way you want to be treated” is a good start to learn a thing or two about respect. And if you respect your members, they will come to respect you too because you’ve earned it.
  • Display your passion. Wondering why your team’s completely demotivated? Look yourself in the mirror and gauge how passionate and motivated you to look. If you’re staring at a zombie, then there’s no wonder why your people are starting to work like zombies too. All zombie viruses, after all, are contagious.

Finally, want to really level up on EVERY skill mentioned? Here’s one last tip: STUDY.

There are a lot of different online courses out there that you can access in order to improve on the skills you already have and learn new ones that you don’t have. In fact, we’ve found an interesting online course for each of the soft skills we’ve mentioned in this article today. Here they are:

For improving your written communication skills, you should try the “Write Like a Boss: Master Your Business Writing Skills” course by Elizabeth Goins, a business communication expert who personally writes for Fortune 500 executives.

For your oral communication skills, we highly recommend “The Complete Communication Skills Master Class for Life” by TJ Walker, a bestselling author and former President of the National Speakers Association, NYC.

And finally, for both team-building and leadership skills, we definitely recommend for you to check out Udemy’s “Management Skills – Team Leadership Skills Masterclass 2019”.

We bid you good luck in all your learning pursuits. Looking forward to learning again with you soon!


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