Mirror Trading International – Questions and Answers

Screenshot 2019-10-05 at 20.38.58Hi I am Rich Simmonds a member of Mirror Trading International ‘MTI’, I joined the company in April 2019 and I have decided to build a business using this opportunity.

Why Mirror Trading International?

MTI offers you one of the best opportunities I have seen to sustainably grow your Bitcoin.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is in my opinion the strongest currency in the world, it cannot be manipulated and it is extremely scarce, there will only ever be 21 Million Bitcoin, you can’t just print some more like you can do with any other currency.

How does MTI grow Bitcoin?

Your Bitcoin does not stay with MTI, it is sent to the trading pool immediately. This pool is with the brokers and trading is done on the Crypto markets using Bitcoin as the currency.

How is the trading done?

MTI has proprietary sophisticated trading software which performs trades for MTI on the brokers platform.

What about Risk?

Mirror Trading International is a real business and there is always risk. However the risk is mitigated by the software as it removes emotion and exposes small amounts of your capital by placing multiple trades and scalping quickly.

Can the live trading be viewed on the Meta Trader Platform?

The brokers does not own the trading software. In terms of this trading software licence agreement MTI members are not permitted their own broker accounts.  To protect the intellectual property of the software provider, this licence further restricts live trades from being shown to MTI members in order to prevent them from copying trades with copier software and selling the trades/signals.

How are results communicated with members?  

Members receive individual daily statements of the trading results in the members back office.

Can I withdraw my Bitcoin at any time?

You can from Monday to Friday, MTI pays within 48 Hours. 

Why 48 Hours, surely Bitcoin payments are instantaneous?

Remember your Bitcoin is in trade and it is working for you. The process is as follows: at the end of the trading day 0h00 GMT the statement run takes place and at that stage the withdrawal request is submitted to the Brokers and then your withdrawal is done by the brokers.

What does a package cost in MTI?

That is what sets MTI apart from the rest, there are no packages meaning you can have any amount in the system, and as long as you have a balance in the pool your account continues to trade. There are no yearly subscriptions, admin fees, etc.

Are there any withdrawal fees?

No, there are no withdrawal fees. The blockchain fees to send you your Bitcoin is paid by MTI.

If there are no fees, how does the MTI company make money?

The total bonus for a trading day is divided as follows:

40% to the member

25% to the traders who run the software daily.

10% to the MTI company to cover the referral commissions and other admin related expenses, such as the website and support staff.

20% to the Binary Profit Sharing Bonuses

5% to P1/P2 Referral Volume Bonuses

How do you know MTI is not a scheme?

Schemes have predictable results, that is what makes them so attractive to the average person. With MTI the results are unpredictable and members will only receive bonuses if the trading results are favourable.

Have the results been favourable?

Yes since the implementation of the managed trading software system the results have been favourable with each day producing a positive result. We have however had one negative day on the 7th of July where we experienced a loss of 0.037% and this shows that MTI is a real company. That is how business works and schemes never have negative days!

Mirror trading International is a Bitcoin investment company with a Referral option, does this mean I have to recruit to earn?

No trading is at the heart of Mirror Trading International, the idea of having to recruit is totally wrong. If MTI never got another member again, the trading would continue and members will continue to receive their daily bonuses.

Why is there a Referral component to the company?

I am not a greedy person, when I find something good and I feel others can benefit just like I have, then I would like to share the opportunity with others – this is when the referring kicks in. I love to help people and see them have a chance at becoming financially free.

Rich, are you happy with the results you are getting from MTI?

Yes I am extremely happy and I can see myself growing from strength to strength with the company.

Has MTI changed your life?

Most certainly. When I joined MTI in April, one of my biggest contracts had just come to an abrupt end and I was cash strapped. I joined with $80 worth of Bitcoin and worked hard to build up to where I am today. After 6 months MTI has changed my life and now I am able to pay all my expenses from the bonuses I receive from MTI – and I even have some money left over at the end of the month.

Do you know the CEO and Founder Johan Steynberg?

Yes, just a reminder I am a normal member like anyone else. I have met Johan Steynberg on numerous occasions. Probably what I like most about Johan is his desire to help people and to provide a system that can make a difference in people’s lives.

You mentioned referral bonuses earlier, how do they work?

You receive a 10% referral bonus when you introduce a new member. This is 10% of whatever they put into the trading pool and if they add more Bitcoin you will receive 10% on that difference.

I have heard that the Binary Bonus is different from any other company, how so?

Yes the MTI Binary Bonus is rather unique as it is a Bonus that is shared amongst all of the binary qualified members and it is paid weekly.

How does a person become binary qualified?

A a member you will need at least $200 worth of Bitcoin in the trading pool and have personally introduced two paid up members, one in your left leg and one on your right leg. Each of them will need at least $100 worth of Bitcoin in their trading accounts.

The profit sharing binary is paid weekly and for how long?

All bonuses in MTI depend on the trading results, if there are no positive results there can be no bonuses.

However with positive results the profit sharing binary bonuses are paid weekly to all binary qualified members, and they will continue to pay weekly.

Does this mean that through the profit sharing binary bonuses you could actually earn more than what is in your weakest leg?

Yes definitely, you could have earned more than that in profit sharing binary bonuses in about six years. The trading provides the bonuses and that is what makes MTI 100% sustainable.

What advice would you have for someone who wants to use the MTI Opportunity to build a future for themselves?

Firstly be honest. One if the first things people will ask you is have you made a withdrawal? Make a withdrawal so that you can share the experience with people.

Secondly be consistent, remember people are watching you. I have had people watch me for a few weeks before they have joined the business.

Thirdly use all channels at your disposal and whatever you do try be different, posts things that you are passionate about not just the things that other people post.

What is your vision with the company going forward?

I would like to have leaders all over the world that I can share my experience with and support. For me it is vital that I have done the things that I suggest to my team. I would never expect people to do something that I have not done or I myself have achieved.

It’s about Authentic Leadership and I look forward to working with people who have a real desire for success.

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4 Responses to Mirror Trading International – Questions and Answers

  1. Linda says:

    how do you calculate the exchange rate between rand and dollar which is the bitcoin currency


    • The exchanges will provide you with their rates. The internet prices are not the rates that Bitcoin exchanges charge, they individually determine their rates and the fees they charge on transactions.


  2. Ariel Agustin M. Blas says:

    How long will take when requesting to change or update email address?


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