I am thinking that I need to stop thinking!

pexels-photo-3201636I hear these words so often: ‘I am thinking’, ‘I planning to’ and even ‘I am going to’ and my thinking response is “why?” But before you beat yourself up, I will tell you I was just like you. Everytime I had an idea, I had a better excuse. So what changed?

I decided to do whatever I was thinking about. Instead of over-thinking and analysing, I decided to let my actions decide if something could work or not. No longer was I going to let my thinking rule, it was going to be about actions. Success and/or failure would be determined by my action and no longer my thinking. If I tried and failed this was far better and more important than if I have thought about how something could fail. Failure brings learning opportunities, and who knows – I might even succeed where I previously thought I would fail.

The reality is that in life there are no successful thinkers, there are only people who have tried and failed and then tried and failed again and again. If you are scared of failure, you are scared of life. Life does not always let you win the first time around, but it does reward those who keep trying. No matter how many times you fail, you will learn and you will succeed at some point.

I am involved with an Affiliate Marketing opportunity called Mirror Trading International and I have achieved reasonable success. Through the MTI opportunity I have been able to retire in Italy at the age of 51, and we are able to live comfortably, travel and do the things that we have always dreamed of before we are too old to actually do them.

My intention is to share some thoughts about action that leads to success, this is as applicable to the Mirror Trading Business as it is to any other area in life, the principles of success never change.

What have I done differently, why have I achieved success when others are still thinking about it? Eight years ago I decided to conquer my biggest problem, that was procrastination. I had to do what I thought about and do it quickly. My friend told me I would never write a book, so I got busy and within 8 months I had written and published two books. That was because someone told me that if you only publish one book you are a writer and if you published two you are an author. So just to be safe I wrote the second and it was published within 3 months of my first book being published.

On the subject of the books, when my first book was about to be published I needed someone to write the foreword and instead of getting anybody, I decided to ask the author I respected the most to write the foreword. It is amazing what can happen if you ask… I asked Steve Maraboli and he wrote the foreword to my first book titled ‘5 Night Plan’.

Who is Steve Maraboli and who I am I for that matter? Well these days you can Google Steve and myself for that matter (yeah I know that sounds rather arrogant, but it is probably a bit more humble than me telling you about myself!

How can I achieve success you may ask? What sort of success are you looking for is the obvious question, but be careful not to make an excuse when answering this question. Don’t sell yourself short … You could be very happy and see yourself as successful if you were playing golf everyday of your life and just getting by. But the reality is unless you can provide well for the people you love, you will never be seen as truly successful. So success is about being the best you can be and taking every opportunity you get.

Don’t make excuses and do everything you can do today, so that you make space for new opportunities tomorrow.

I see people become inspired by the success of others and make a decision to do something, then a few months later they have still not really done anything. Why? The answer is simple – they found something else to do. Let me tell you that if nothing is important, you will find the least important thing to do and it will waste all your time.

When it comes to sales and affiliate marketing I have heard all the excuses, and I have used all of them in the past too. Unfortunately success does not come easy and we all have to fail before we can succeed. I was a failure most of my life because I made excuses, I thought there had to be an easier way and I spent my life trying to find it. My ambition was to be successfully lazy like the rest of the world.

You have to decide to be different. I was once asked to provide one word to describe myself, I said ‘different’. That was the biggest lie I ever told and then to make matters worse I even believed my own lie. I was no different, I was as lazy as the next guy, yet I was arrogant enough to think I was different.

I had to eventually realise that unless I actually did some action I was no different from anyone else. I had to do the work, contact the prospect and I had to write the book.

It is about leadership, it starts with self leadership. What are you doing that will convince your lazy self that actions can lead to success? Then you need to be consistent, when you say you going to do something you must be willing to do it forever or at least until… (you need to set big goals and when you achieve them, that is when you decide if you have reached the until point or not).

My discipline was terrible, setting a goal like contacting 15 new people a month just could not work for me, as I found myself procrastinating too much. It was far easier to say ‘contact a new person every day’ and so easy to measure. I also found that contacting the person before 9 in the morning was more achievable than waiting for the evening.

This article is getting long, but I think you are getting the idea. It is what you do – the action you take consistently that leads to success. You may fail, but it is failure that will lead you to success.

Get out there and work to become successful, make the sacrifices now and as the wise often say ‘you need to dig the well before you need it’.

You may need to find someone to hold you accountable, find a friend who wants success as much as you do and ask them to become your success buddy.

See you at the top.

Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-using-his-smartphone-3201636/

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1 Response to I am thinking that I need to stop thinking!

  1. Wally Scholtz says:

    I set proper goals but get side tracked and procrastinate. I am most of the time spending 80% on URGENT and 20% on IMPORTANT!I have decided to do it NOW!!


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