What do you mean Residual Income?

Screenshot 2019-12-05 at 20.56.50This quote by Art Jonak is amazing and everyone just likes to agree, because it sounds like something you should know about and it seems cool to act like you are familiar with it.

But really what is this residual income all about and how can we achieve this mythical income?

Passive income is income you receive from your investments or assets. It could be variable due to changing market conditions but in most cases it is fairly constant and to a greater extent predictable. To increase your passive income you would more often than not need to increase the size of your investment, or the value of your asset would need to increase. An example of this could be shares you own, that would give you higher dividends as the value and profitability of the company increased.

The above has nothing to do with residual income and to repeat what Art Jonak said ‘If you understood residual income, you would walk through a brick wall to get it’.

RESIDUAL INCOME is income that you receive from promotion you have done in marketing a company, product or service that will continuously pay you because of the volume your initial efforts generate over time. It is usually overlooked because it seems so insignificant in the beginning when the generated volume is small.


Mirror Trading International offers you the opportunity to earn residual income in Bitcoin through the Referral Program and the Weekly Profit Sharing Bonus system. It is one of the best designed and fairest systems I have ever encountered. The sustainability comes from the daily trading profits generated, so if there are no profits there can be no bonuses, making it a system that works because of the profitability of the trading company.

The mechanics of the system is the referral team you are able to build. Compensation is based on a left and right equalisation or balancing of the leg that is built by the team of existing members in the system, and the other leg that is built by you and the new investors and members you introduce. I can provide more information on the actual workings of this should you be interested.

Many of the systems run by other companies flush these bonuses once they are received, meaning that you need to constantly find new affiliates or make new sales to consistently earn bonuses.

This is not the case with the MTI system, as the trading is happening from Monday to Friday and every qualified member shares in these profits. The profit going to these qualified members is a small fraction of what the actual investors earn. The company focuses on the investor, making sure he gets a good return on his investment.

If the Investor is getting the Lion’s share, is it even worth joining the affiliate program? John D. Rockefeller said: I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts. With small amounts invested your affiliate commission could buy you a cup of coffee weekly, but the affiliate  bonuses are projected to grow to the point where they are capped at $75000 in Bitcoin value per week.

As your team of investors within your referral team grows, so will your income and it will create a true residual income for you.

What can I do daily to ensure my referral team continues to grow and the amount invested increases?

  1. Monitor the progress of your growth, what are the numbers and the amount of investment in your left and right teams? Keep a spreadsheet so that you can measure this growth over time. It will also help to motivate you when you can see where you started from.
  2. Talk about the Mirror Trading International business and share your story as much as possible. People will be watching you to see how successful you are becoming, so always be truthful about what you are actually earning.
  3. Follow up with the people you have spoken to and remember to be interested in them, rather than trying to tell them about what you have achieved.
  4. Use email and other digital communication methods to reach out to new people.
  5. Educate people on the advantages and long term benefits of Bitcoin.
  6. Use social media and advertise where possible, remember people are not necessarily looking for what you have to offer, so you will need to raise the awareness and offer the opportunity.
  7. Allow people to ask questions and take the opportunity you are offering, don’t sell to them! They must want what you have.
  8. To be successful you will need to be focused, you need to fully believe in the opportunity that Mirror Trading International is offering and promote it with everything you have.
  9. Have a reason why you are building your teams within the referral program. Is it to provide better education for your children? Maybe you need to become financially free, but find your reason.
  10. Remember to be grateful for what you have and show gratitude daily.

I wish you every success and whatever you decide to do, do it to the best of your ability.

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