Why many networkers miss the Mirror Trading International Opportunity

1 New Design .001Mirror Trading International has one mission and that is to grow your Bitcoin. Therefore for the investor the opportunity that MTI offers is a true win-win situation.

For the person who would like to earn additional income, MTI offers an affiliate program which consists of a 10% direct referral and also a Binary profit sharing bonus that is paid weekly, every Saturday.

Let’s look at some of the smaller details of the affiliate program that are not so obvious and that are easily missed by the person looking at the earning possibility of the affiliate program.

  1. Once-off Binary vs the weekly profit sharing bonus – normally companies offer a once off 10% binary bonus that is paid on the amount invested in the smallest leg of the business, yet MTI may only pay 0,6% (the average profit share based on history) per week. 10% seems to be so much more and the 0,6% is disregarded as being too little. However if you actually do a small calculation you quickly realise that you would have actually earned 10% within 17 weeks and then continue to earn every week after that. Within a year you could have earned 85% of what was invested in the smaller leg of your business. This becomes a true residual income.
  2. Your investment determines your income – Mirror Trading International is first and foremost an investment company, and as an affiliate you will need to have an investment yourself to earn the weekly profit sharing bonuses. This is a simple philosophy that works in business… How can you promote something that you have not invested in yourself? MTI is looking for affiliates and not just sales people looking for a bit of commission. Many people have criticised MTI saying that the growth will be slow because of this approach and that is 100% correct. Mirror Trading International is a real company with real trading. They have no need for fast growth, and no need for any growth in real terms. The steady growth that the affiliates bring to the company is more than sufficient.

As an affiliate you will need to increase your personal investment to earn more levels of the weekly profit sharing bonuses. The MTI compensation plan favours the investor and not the recruiter. However, recruiters (affiliates) can certainly make good money even if it will take time to build an affiliate network where you can earn a good weekly profit sharing bonus. Slow growth is sustainable growth, and earning a weekly binary bonus, albeit small to begin with, can really start to make a difference in your life.

The system is superbly designed to give you a real vehicle that will make you financially free, it is the opportunity we have all been looking for.

Once you have done some thinking, you will realise that the delayed gratification provided by the Mirror Trading International system is a sustainable business model and one that can provide you with the residual income you have always desired.

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  1. Victor says:

    I love this writeup.


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