Your Truth could be your excuse

pexels-photo-684387Success is a decision away, that makes success sound easy, but the reality is unless you make a decision to be successful you will always find another reason not to be successful.

That reason could even be your current truth. Your truth could be you are too busy surviving to think about being successful. You could even be having your first child or your terrible boss is making you work more than is reasonable.

One of the truths about success is that you cannot expect people to be reasonable and you cannot be reasonable with yourself. Think for a minute the reason why your boss is unreasonable is that his only focus is success. He can not afford to be reasonable with you as that will compromise his success.

The lesson that you can learn from your boss is that if you desire success, you will need to be unreasonable on yourself.

Too many times people are waiting for others to bring them success: it could be that you are expecting someone else to do something that will contribute to your success. You may be thinking like the boss.

However in most instances your success will depend on your efforts and if you can be a true Entrepeneur and duplicate your efforts and then get a small benefit from every effort you manage to duplicate.

In the affiliate marketing business I am involved in I hear many truths of people and why they are unable to build a successful affiliate network.

Here are 3 truths (which are actually excuses)

  1. Scared to share the opportunity. Whichever way you look at life, you are selling and the better you can get at selling the more you will grow and ultimately the more successful you will be.
  2. Waiting for spillover from your sponsor. Sometimes you will be lucky and you will receive an indirect benefit from someone else, it will happen in time and automatically, but never rely on this and never use it as an excuse.
  3. Hoping someone that you have introduced to the business will do more than you. The reality of any business is leadership and if you don’t set the example of doing more than you expect of them, how do you think they will do anything?

Success will be easier if you accept the truth that you need to make the decision to work until you have reached your goal.

Your Goal may be that you need an extra $300 per week to pay for private schooling or you may need $1000 per week to get out of debt. Whatever your goal is… Make sure it is big enough to drive you to success and then become unreasonable on yourself, be relentless is achieving your dreams.

I wish you every success.


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1 Response to Your Truth could be your excuse

  1. Amazing article! The lesson that we can learn from our boss is that if we desire success, we will need to be unreasonable for ourselves.


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