Is Success a forgotten art?

pexels-photoWhen I was a teenager I had the impression that leaders and people with authority had power, but as I get older I notice that leaders and people with authority have become weak and will accept anything as long as they are not called to be accountable.

These figures (yes, that is what authority and leadership has been reduced to) only seem to want to have the title, and at the same time please everyone. Most leaders are afraid to make a stand and many wonder why they are unsuccessful as a leader. They may have failing relationships and cannot make a real success of business.

The answer is simple and it brings my back to the first line of this article. The truth is that they have forgotten they have authority, and if they have not forgotten they are simple scared to exercise that authority.

In this ultimate effort to please everyone the leader has forgotten that leadership is about setting an example and giving people something they can follow. This is something we are all guilty of and an area we can all improve in. Let’s look at the three different aspects mentioned here and I will discuss each of these separately: relationships, leadership and ultimately, success.

Relationships – everything begins with our personal relationships that we have with our loved ones and family. Can we honestly say we are putting our best into our relationships? Are we setting an example by making decisions that cause our families to function better, so that there is a loving and safe environment for people to grow and thrive in? Or do we rather do everything to keep the peace and avoid tough decisions?This is the conflict we so often try to avoid, but it is these challenges that cause us to grow.

Leadership – are we serving others and thinking about their best interests, do we set an example in our community? Are we actually giving people an example of caring, without going so far that our happy go lucky, please everyone attitude makes people feel unsafe. We need to take a stand and have an opinion about something, otherwise the person who complains the most may be the only example people get to witness. When things are wrong, are you prepared to fix them? This is what leadership and serving others is about, or are you thinking someone else can do it?

Success – deep down we all have a desire to be successful in one way or another. Success is a combination of relationships and leadership. No one can say they are successful by themselves and we need to work with people in order to become successful. This involves sharing ideas and caring for people, which may sound like selling, and you will get some rejection. Remember the conflict in relationships is just as much part of relationships as it is part of leadership and success.

Learn to embrace conflict but don’t get involved in the actual conflict. All you need to do is be gracious and kind, knowing that whatever you are suggesting is an new idea to the person, and it is human nature to reject something that is unfamiliar.

Expect that the person will reject your idea or your proposal, but it is your task to show them the possibilities should you wish to be successful in relationships, leadership and business. If you can endure, if you can continue when others give up, you will experience the success that is reserved for those who continuously strive to become great partners, outstanding leaders and super successful business people.

These are all choices that only you can make and I wish you every success.


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