Journey to success with MTI – a beginner’s guide

by Marina Caenazzo

Screenshot 2020-01-30 at 18.16.54Congratulations! You made the decision to join Mirror Trading International, and now you want to know what happens next. Perhaps you put in a big or reasonable size investment, perhaps you put in a little bit just to test the system or dip your toe in the water so to speak.

Whatever you did, great! The best way to begin is simply to start! If you are new to cryptocurrency, don’t worry, you are among friends. Bitcoin can seem scary to the novice investor, but it needn’t be. It is the way of the future, and right now that Bitcoin that you invested is working and growing, which is exactly what Johann Steynberg, CEO of MTI, envisaged.

Choosing to start an investment, whether it is with MTI or anyone else, is a good start to making a better future for yourself, and even your family. By choosing Mirror Trading International you have already paved the first part of the road to financial freedom. However, much you chose to start with, you can be assured that on a weekly basis, from Monday to Friday, your Bitcoin is hard at work in the trading pool. Your daily statements can attest to this. Remember that the Bitcoin price can fluctuate, so never worry too much about the dollar value in your back office. Keep a note of the Bitcoin closing balance (written as Bits) and see how this number increases. Each day your shiny new road gains a few new “Bit Bricks” and your future looks just a little brighter.

man-1483479_1920One thing to note is that the brightness of your future does not necessarily just depend on your investment. Sure, if you were able to put a good sum into the trading pool from that start it will be easier for you to see the growth and benefit from the daily trades. Smaller starting amounts will take more time to look like anything really worthwhile, so the important thing is not to be impatient or lose hope! It might just take you a little longer to reach your goal or make that first million, but you will get there!

But not everyone is lucky enough to have a spare $10000 to start with. When you were first introduced to the idea of MTI, your sponsor may have said that there was a minimum start-up amount of $200. They would have been correct if you were hoping to be binary qualified from the get-go. The recommended starting amount is $100, but this too is not cast in stone. Johan recommended this amount because, as I have said before, if you start with a very small amount you will take time to see that the system is really working. It might not seem exciting to see that your account has increased by a few cents, so you need to try to invest as much as you can, so that it is exciting for you to watch your account grow.

However, the important thing is that you have an investment. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have $100. You are actually allowed to start with smaller amounts. The $100 mark is simply a guideline. Start with whatever you can reasonably afford, and add to it if you wish, whenever you want. Please note too that top-up amounts can be literally any value. If you find you have an extra $10 at some time, put that into your account. Add $19 if that’s what you have, add $147, whatever – it doesn’t have to be a specific or round amount. Make it work! No time for lazy Bitcoin if you are going to be a millionaire.

So that’s the first part of the road to financial freedom taken care of. Now how to build the rest?

This is where the optional referral program comes in. Many hands make light work, and this too applies when you are constructing something like this road we have been commenting on. Teamwork is what it is about, and helping others build their own road happens while you are busy with your own. How nice to be able to empower others to follow their dreams! Helping someone find their financial feet can be very rewarding and is something we strive for in our team.

Ha! Do I hear you cry out “But I don’t want to build a team! I am no good at selling! I don’t know how to find people! I don’t know what to say!” Don’t worry, we have heard practically every excuse in the book. Team building in a business like Mirror Trading International is, in fact, exceptionally easy. We have not yet met anyone who can honestly say “Don’t worry, I have enough money, I don’t need any more.” Perhaps Bill Gates and people of his wealth calibre could say they have enough money, but I am talking about you and I, the ordinary people who could benefit from having things a bit easier in the pocket department!

dogs-2939691_1920Going back to the team building – the initial stages are probably the hardest, but they too can be simply and practically handled. Begin with your own investment. Tell someone you care about. This can be friends, family, your dog. Okay the dog won’t have money to invest unless he knows where your secret stash is in the garden but telling him your story will help you practice for telling other people. By saying you aren’t good at selling is not true. Can you speak or communicate in some way? There you go!

To become binary qualified means you have an investment of $200 or more in your own account and have personally introduced two people into the business, one on your right side and one on your left. Initially you don’t need to worry about binary bonuses and qualifications, just start building your team and benefit from referral bonuses. If you started with $100 and introduce two friends with $100 each, that’s another $20 to put into your own account. Before you know it, your investment has grown. Did you realise that you can structure your team to gain maximum benefit, and the first two members you refer can be family members? Add your spouse or brother or whoever on one side, then aunty, granny, your sister on the other side. Without too much effort, your fledgling team has spread its wings!

Remember that if you really want to become a millionaire, the millions are not simply going to drop from the sky and land squarely in your lap. You WILL need to put in a bit of effort. This can mean various things to different people – my idea of effort might mean having to work slowly from dawn to dusk, but that might not suit your personal style. You might put in short, sharp bursts. All you need to do to make it in MTI is share your story. Talk to people, tell your own story. People want to know what YOU are doing; it doesn’t always impress them to hear that your sponsor has retired and is living in the mountains. If getting a little ahead in your life means being able to pay the school fees in full and on time, share that story. If it means you got the TV you have been eyeing for ages, great! Whatever it is, and no matter how big or seemingly small your achievement may be, people love to hear success stories. They will want to hear what you have done, and your excitement and enthusiasm will be contagious. Whatever you share, do not lie. Tell the truth and people will be able to see it in your eyes and hear it in your voice.

sparrows-2763083_1920Please don’t be discouraged if you tell someone about the business opportunity and they do not seem too interested. Trust me on this, they will definitely be watching you. Keep your song the same. There have been so many scams and schemes that people have tried, that have all failed and taken the money with them, so there are sceptics and disillusioned people all over. If you meet them again, and you can tell the same story, with the same enthusiasm, that will catch their interest. They may not bite this time either. But they will still be watching. You just keep on sharing your experiences and paving your road, and by the time they finally decide to take the plunge and join you, they will wish they had done so when they first had the opportunity.

You never know how the world is connected. You might mention the business in passing to a new acquaintance, who likes what they hear. You give them your details and send them some information as you promised to do. Next thing you know, Sven has signed up as your referral and has brought 5 friends with him. Your team suddenly grew by 6 people overnight. Person number 6 has an uncle who has been a networker for 40 of his 55 years. Uncle Joe knows a great opportunity when he sees one. Joe adds Cookie and Kitty to his team, and before you can blink, there are another 17 members in your team. Now things are starting to heat up! You can’t wait for Saturday to arrive so you can see what your next binary bonus is going to be. Maybe your first bonus when you had just started was quite insignificant, as you had a small amount of Bitcoin is your weaker leg. But now, with Sven and Joe running like wildfire, your weaker leg has 5 Bitcoin in it and your bonus will be substantially healthier.

You might be getting some spill-over from your sponsor or members of their team so keep an eye on the balances in each of your two legs. Your binary bonus is always paid on the volume of Bitcoin in the weaker of your two legs, and if you are recruiting like mad, or someone else in your weaker leg is adding dozens of people, you may need to start paying attention to the other side of your business. What a fortunate position to find yourself in!

conversation-3513843_1920Always remember that to build your business with MTI does not have to be very hard. You may enjoy meeting with people on a one to one basis and explaining the concept, but perhaps you do not have time with your work, or lack of transport or you are shy. Then it is time to think a bit more creatively. Invite people to the weekly meetings via Zoom. The telegram groups will give you the details of other meetings that have been organised. Organise a Zoom meeting or tell your potential team members to attend an online meeting that has been scheduled by your sponsor. Arrange an informal meeting at someone’s house and invite a few friends and their friends so that you don’t have to travel to each person individually. Talk to the cashier at the grocery store. Post and share things on your social media. Find a way of sharing your story that suits your individual style.

Whatever you choose to do, whether you build a team or not, just keep going. If you need any assistance, reach out to your sponsor. Remember there are many instructional videos available to refresh your memory on how each part of MTI works. You are welcome to share these with your friends, team members and prospective members. Participation in the optional referral program will speed up your journey to financial freedom, but it is not obligatory, and entirely up to you.

Who wants to be a millionaire? I DO!

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6 Responses to Journey to success with MTI – a beginner’s guide

  1. Thank You Rich Simmonds.
    In growing my affiliate program I have noticed people’s apprehension when I introduce MTI and there are a few that are intrigued by the growth. Overall I am building MTI with like mined people.
    I am enjoying the journey and looking forward to my first million (milestone).
    Dhereen Beedasie


  2. Jane says:

    Im overwhelmed with the information I just got, I would love to be a member. I will consider joining from the person who has ignited this light


  3. Emelia says:

    Thank you for the inspiration. I am going to use different techniques stated above.


  4. Aili says:

    I want to be a millionaire


  5. Sarender Enoch Robert says:

    Excellent, perfect work . Thank you!


  6. Anita says:

    I am so happy to be here


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