MLM – Is it a business or a Marketer’s Dream?

Screenshot 2020-02-13 at 14.17.01Have you ever been to a so-called ‘business presentation meeting’ or even better, how about a big fancy meeting or success summit where some ‘international successes’ are speaking? Did you have to pay an entrance fee? The chances are that you were paying to be sold something else. Think of it like this, do you pay an entrance fee to shop at your local supermarket or even the most expensive designer boutiques? No! Of course if they charged you an entrance fee you would go to the next shop that gave you free access.

Here is the problem, almost the same attitude the bank has when you deposit money, they think they are doing you a favour. Is the banking industry so greedy or so unsustainable that they cannot make money from lending out the money that you have deposited? No, when you give someone business or your money, you are doing them a favour as you could have easily gone to their competition. Why should you pay to be sold to?

These companies say they have the recipe for success and they have a right to sell this to you. If that was true you could say the same for self-help books and programs, if they really worked it would be a dying industry, but instead it is a booming industry.

I have always had the opinion that many people think, but very few people think about what they think about when they think.

Let us dive a bit deeper into the world of Multi Level Marketing, regardless of whether it is a product, service or whatever they are offering. Firstly a distinction must be made if the company is making profits from the products they are selling, or by offering a system that recruits people. Does the company get extra sales or charge you to be a member, for a so-called admin fee? If you are paying some kind of membership fee, the company is no better than a bank – you are simply paying to be sold to!

Secondly how are the successful people making money? Is it because they generate a lot of sales for the company or do they have some system that keeps you motivated, a sort of education system where you need to spend money to be part of the success machine?Surely, if the company values you as a person who is promoting the company, they would be providing this information to ensure you become successful so they in turn will remain profitable. Only really bad companies expect salespeople to pay for their own training.

The bottom line is that most successful people in the Multi Level Marketing and motivation industries have found a way of selling people an idea of success with very little accountability. If you don’t make it after paying to be sold to, then they simply say you probably did not work hard enough and they never gave any guarantees. This is the marketer’s dream: ‘to find enough stupid people, with money’ so that they can continue to fleece you for your hard earned money.

This is what makes the average MLM Company a marketer’s dream too. They will run events and charge you an entrance fee, they will train you and have a continuous education system to supposedly help you become successful. In fact the reality is there is not enough capacity to earn in the actual company and they know this, so they will exploit those who are yearning for success. What they should really be doing is telling you to sell the system they are actually selling you, to keep the cycle going – this is the reality and people will continue to attend these type of events and pay to be sold to. Most people would rather not think. If they DID stop to think they would realise that they are constantly being told WHY they should do something, but the knowledge of HOW to do it is never passed on!

What is the solution? Find a company and people who are interested in your success. If they believe they have a winning formula it will be freely available as they will always benefit. My opinion is when a company or person is unsure of what they have to offer then they will try to get you to spend as much of your money with them as possible, and don’t forget you will need to pay for the privilege of spending your money with them.

Proper success breeds more success. Find the people who are willing to share their knowledge and help you on your way. Everyone is different, so join a business, or a team that allows you to follow the path in your own time. Look for the leader who patiently assists you, doesn’t try to hurry you along or set unrealistic goals, but rather steers you in their footsteps. This is the true path to financial freedom, and no longer just a dream.


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2 Responses to MLM – Is it a business or a Marketer’s Dream?

  1. Jacques Lodewikus Swart says:

    I agree 100% Rich. Sometimes up lines sell the story but don’t support the efforts


  2. Jeff Lopez says:

    You have to question the ethics of these organisations, but they have always managed to do this and the salesperson has to accept this and move on.


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