Dreams and Goals

Screenshot 2020-02-16 at 11.37.20Mark Twain said that you are going to need a dream, in order to make a dream come true. Can you still dream, or are you like me who over many years lost my ability to dream? I know we can all dream about winning the lottery and having lots of money, but I am talking about real dreams and doing things that are important to you.

I hear the phrase ‘you need dreams and goals’ too often and these sayings, although they seem to be important and the right thing to do, often lack meaning for ourselves.

I often dreamed of getting myself a nice jacket and then just when you almost have the money, you damage your car tyre and then you realise that you actually need to replace all your tyres. The jacket remains a dream and coincidentally once you think you may have enough again, you need to buy a new pair of sports shoes for your child and the jacket idea is put on hold once more. Life happens and often our dreams move so far away from us that even when we asked what we would like, or what our dreams are, we forget what was once important to us.

How can we restore our ability to dream? There are techniques but it is only when we start achieving our dreams that we start seeing possibilities for dreaming on a larger scale. Set yourself dreams that you know you can accomplish and this will open the way for you to dream bigger dreams.

Are goals important? Setting yourself goals that you can achieve in 3, 6 and 12 months are good. For goals to be effective they must be measurable over time. A goal should always be a bit more than you know what you can comfortably achieve and even if they take slightly longer than you plan, remember it is achieving the goal that is more important than the actual time frame.

Why is ‘having money’ an ineffective goal? Many people say they would like to have money, but how much money is that? Because most of us do not know what it would be like to have the money we are dreaming about, the goal becomes very vague as we have no timeframe or we would not be able to say we have achieved the goal.

Having money to be able to achieve our goals, is often part of the goal, but it is not usually a goal, unless we have specifically set out to make a million by a certain time. Unless you are the proverbial Uncle Scrooge who just wants to have millions so you can be greedy and hoard it, having a goal to have money is actually meaningless.

Is success possible? Yes it is, when we break up our goals into smaller measurable parts and we align them with our dreams and achieve each of these small dreams along the way. This becomes the inspiration many of us need on our paths to achieving success.

When we work at achieving our goals instead of just working to survive we find more meaning in our work and often we achieve success quicker. With that said you may need to find something that has the potential to reward you when you do find the inspiration to work, so often we need to look beyond our current stream of income.

Dreaming may seem easy, but in reality it takes work and you will need to work harder than you normally do in order to reach your goals and fulfill your dreams.

By now you may be wondering if I ever reached my goal or achieved my dream of getting myself a nice jacket! To be quite honest I now have more than one nice jacket, and I am will be getting a beautiful coat I have long admired later this year when I travel abroad. It’s been a tough road getting to where I am today, but I have persevered, and I am eternally grateful that I am now able to dream again, and dream even bigger than I ever imagined would be possible.

So don’t give up, open your heart and your mind to the possibilities of dreaming, reach out, and make it happen.

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    This is mind blowing.God bless u


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