MTI is an investment company with a referral option, it is not…

Screenshot 2020-02-16 at 22.39.22I would like to clear up many misconceptions and carefully explain and complete the above statement.

Mirror Trading International (MTI) is an investment company with a referral option, it is not a networking company with an investment opportunity.

From a traditional networking and sales perspective this is hard to understand, as we have always been told that if you cannot continuously grow we must be failing. That is because salespeople have always been paid for the work they do and continue to do. In traditional companies, if a salesperson is not bringing in new customers they have no more value to the organisation and they are given their marching orders. You have to question the ethics of these organisations, but they have always managed to do this and the salesperson has to accept this and move on.

The reality is that MTI does not need new members or more members, however should you wish to introduce people to the company they will give you a 10% referral commission, but they will not give level bonuses. In other words the sales manager, regional sales manager, national sales manager and sales director do not get a single cent, which would be the case in conventional companies and networking companies.

The focus of MTI is on the investor and not the network. In MTI you do not have an investment package which helps sustain the salesforce by paying another commission when the package expires. In MTI there are no packages and therefore they have not structured the business to particularly benefit the salesperson or networker. The business is designed to give maximum benefit to the investor, and as long as you have an investment with the company you will continue to receive daily profits, should MTI be able to make a profit on the day.

There are no hidden fees, in fact there are no fees at all. They do not charge you an admin fee or any sort of subscription fee, and they don’t charge you to make a withdrawal. Now that I think of it, why do bank charge fees for handling our money, are they not able to make enough money? Or perhaps it is because they have nice fancy buildings, so that you can feel important when you visit them. With that in mind I can’t remember when last I did visit the bank. Sorry I am straying off my topic, where was I?

The investor is the focus of MTI, the investors are the heartbeat of the company. Without the investors MTI could not exist but that said, it is also important to remember that every investor is important to MTI. Whether you invest a small fraction of a Bitcoin or a couple of hundred Bitcoin, MTI gives everyone the same benefit, and everyone earns the same percentage of profit according to the investment they have.

The Referral Option

As I said MTI is an investment company with a referral option. Here the choice is yours, once you are a member you can refer people to MTI if you wish.

If you would like to earn the 10% referral commission you will need an investment in Bitcoin equivalent to the value of at least $50, this gives you the chance to build up you own investment so that you can earn other bonuses that are available to members who refer new members.

Earn some referral commissions and upgrade your bitcoin investment to the equivalent to the value of at least $200 and you could be in line to qualify for a small binary profit share or even P1 shares. These rewards can boost the new member who is trying to build up their investment to the deeper binary profit sharing levels.

You will need to build up your initial investment in Bitcoin over time to participate in the deeper levels of the binary profit sharing system.

The focus of the referral program is to build up your investment so that you have the chance at becoming financially secure. This is the game changer that MTI offers you. I believe that the investment is sustainable, and in turn the referral option offers a residual income which can be built up over time.

“This document was prepared and released by Rich Simmonds in my personal capacity. The opinions, views and content expressed in this article are my own and do not necessarily reflect the view/s of Mirror Trading International (Pty) Ltd. This not an official statement released by Mirror Trading International (Pty) Ltd and I hereby indemnify Mirror Trading International (Pty) Ltd.”

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18 Responses to MTI is an investment company with a referral option, it is not…

  1. Peter says:

    Very good investment


  2. Dhereen Beedasie says:

    Thank you Rich


  3. cvandevenotto says:

    I love this article! Great explanation. Mti is the best! And you are a great leader!


  4. Manini Lenah Musa says:

    Thanks again for give us light in the business


  5. Foziyah Nel says:

    Is your money safe


  6. says:

    Thank you, I’ll see if the money are safe or not , starting with smaller amounts


  7. I love reading this article!! Thanks for giving this information.


  8. Manini says:

    I am happy the business is blooming


  9. Kyle says:

    I believe the CEO was involved with a scheme by the name of kipi that took millions from investors in South Africa how true is this


    • Hi Kyle, all of us have been involved with many things that have not worked in the past. We have all lost money and that has given us the experience to be more wise in the future. If you are asking if the CEO of MTI was one of the people who started or owned kipi, then the answer is no.


  10. Martin Marx says:

    Hi Richard,
    Great content . I am a substantial investor in M.T.I. . Love the platform and the integrity of the staff and the transparency of the company .
    I just have one concern and hope that you can provide some clarity . Everyone talks about the CEO Mr Johann Steynberg . Could you please confirm that should Mr Steynberg no longer be with us , will M.T.I. still be in a position to continue to pay out and continue the company as it is now ?
    Best Regards


    • Hi Martin, yes should something happen to Johann Steynberg his wife would take over and the long term succession plan is that his daughter will take over the running of the company. The company attorneys will make sure that everything runs smoothly, in the case of any unfortunate event.


  11. Max Prinsloo says:

    Wow, True words of Wisdom. I was looking for a company like MTI for many years. WE are so thankful for the wisdom of the company Mti


  12. Brian says:

    What timing! A good friend said MTI “Cheapened its image” by the referral aspect. This should change his perspective. Thanks.


  13. Emile de Villiers says:

    Daar word gesê jy kan nie forrex en beurs trading met BTC doen nie… Watter bewyse is daar dat trading enigsins plaasvind. Wys vir ons een uur se trading. As dit 500/dag is moet daar mos so 30-50 trades/uur plaasvind.


    • Hi Emile, thanks for the reply. Please do not take my word for it, I suggest you do the following search on the internet … ‘Can I trade forex using Bitcoin?’ and yes the normal Bot that you can buy will only trade about 8 trades a day and depending the the amount you have to trade. Advanced Bots that are not commercially available will do a lot more trades. You are welcome to contact me directly for more information.


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