Leadership is not a fool’s game

Screenshot 2020-02-25 at 13.47.22The old saying goes ‘you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time’, yet every day I see examples of leadership where the leaders believe that they are giving people an example, but they are not following this example  themselves.

The reality is that people don’t hear what you say, they do as you do. Yes, your actions speak so loud that people cannot even hear you.

Leadership is so predictable and people will do exactly as you do. Think of the most corrupt politician you have ever heard of; I bet you that if I asked if you thought he was a good leader you would probably say ‘No he is terrible’. Did I ask you if you thought he was a terrible person or did I ask you if he was a good leader? It will shock you to know that that corrupt politician is a fantastic leader, and all you need to do is see how many people are doing exactly as he is doing, and they will even try to steal more than he is. That is leadership, but you cannot tell people to be honest when you are trying to steal as much as you can.

In our lives we tell our children to be polite, patient and respect people, then we don’t seem to understand when they are rude to someone.

Leadership is not something that is reserved for a few, it is part of life and we are always setting an example for someone.

Your word may be gold, but your actions are priceless. Leadership is definitely not a fool’s game.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/carnival-lucerne-mask-panel-2100125/

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3 Responses to Leadership is not a fool’s game

  1. johnandrewwallis says:

    Leadership is all about trust. The investment adviser or leader in your post should use his own portfolio as example to motivate when offering advice. When the leader commends I invest $1000 and he invests only $200 it appears to be a notion of distrust in the method and probably evokes / instils a distrust in the mind of the “follower”, hence the notion by the prospect to invest only $200 if any. I would not call him a leader, because a leader is normally a person leading followers from a current state / place in life to a perceived “better” place / state in life. People who call themselves leaders and do things the way the leader in the post does can only be a leader to fools anyway, because the one who declines the $1000 investment advice is not the fool but rather the leader is the fool, and only fools [or the uninformed follower] will follow his advice, thus he can only be a “leader” to fools, like himself.


  2. johnandrewwallis says:

    Moral of story:- Only fools will follow a “leader” without testing his competences.
    A real leader is authentic and brings about positive transformation.
    A real leader has no concern for applause and rewards but rather transforms, by creating an environment within which those who follow, can grow and thrive to be the best they can ever be.


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