From the Horse’s Mouth to the Armchair Critic!

Recently MTI shared a series of testimonial videos, including a video I made in the Italian Alps. For reference purposes I posted this video on my YouTube Channel

I received the following message from a prospective member:

Just watched your spiel filmed in the Alps, where you say that “about 10 month ago I virtually had nothing, and I was going to lose everything as well”??
I found this comment difficult to comprehend, if you had nothing, what were you about to lose then?

So how did this miraculous recovery occur? How did MTI change your life, where you are semi retired, and spending time in the ALPS??
Please clarify
Sounds like a paid advertisement and a con to get people thinking that they can do what you “say” you have done??
Can you prove any of this, where you virtually had nothing?? Yes it’s a challenge, where I would consider placing about R4m to start with!!

Best of luck with your reply, if you are honest enough to do so!! When you descend from the “mountain”

Here is the reply I sent:

Thanks for your comment, and I appreciate that some of the things I have said may be difficult to comprehend, so I will explain and respond to your questions accordingly.

‘Your question: If you had nothing, what were you about to lose then?’ I owned nothing, as we had sold almost everything we owned to try and keep our heads above water. I still had a car (as this is a necessity when you live in South Africa) which I was hiding so that the bank could not repossess it. We had sold our other car, furniture, you name it. We were living in rented accomodation and were behind on the rent. So losing a car and being thrown out on the street was the looming reality.

‘Your next question: So how did this miraculous recovery occur? How did MTI change your life?’ Firstly I think that a miraculous recovery is impossible without work, so let me share about the work I did to get to the point where I am now.

I joined in April 2019, I started with $80 which was actually rent money I should have paid to my landlord. An $80 start is not an investment, that is just a right to earn the 10% referral commission MTI pays. Also the binaries did not start until the first week in September 2019, so the only possible income I could make was from referral commissions. I did have a slight advantage, and that may be the miracle according to you, and that was I had a reasonable network through my social media work. Thankfully too we had a very kind landlord who allowed us to pay our rent in installments, so we paid what we could, when we could.

From April I contacted and presented the MTI opportunity to over 1000 people and by the beginning of August I had 102 people in my team. With constant effort my team grew and by the end of November I had over 1000 people in my team. As you can see there are no miracles, just hard work.

As from the 1st of September we could finally start to plan the next phase of our lives. We had planned to move to Italy at some stage, but that was a pipe dream before MTI, this was slowly becoming a reality, and at the end of November we left for Italy.

‘Your Question: Where you are semi retired, and spending time in the Alps??’ I have laid out what my financial situation was like; thanks to the earning we make from MTI we were able to semi-retire and we now live in Domodossola which is in northern Italy and virtually in the Alps. It’s in a valley surrounded by mountains, the foot of the Alps. The video you refer to was filmed in Val Formazza about 40km north of our town.

As for being a paid advertisement or a con, I have to laugh. I now have team members who have joined me in my MTI business that are also able to claim that MTI has changed their lives – in various ways, depends on their individual circumstances. Being able to pay school fees on time, or even to be able to provide for their extended families where previously they could not, these surely must be considered success stories. These people have not presented the opportunity to many people, but already MTI is making a difference for the “ordinary man”. Can you imagine what they will be able to do when they start building THEIR businesses?

That is my journey with MTI so far and you are more than welcome to contact me and ask any questions further. This is all the honest truth, and you should see it in my eyes, if you are willing to look. Yes it’s a challenge.

Best of luck in your R4m endeavours.

“This document was prepared and released by Rich Simmonds in my personal capacity. The opinions, views and content expressed in this article are my own and do not necessarily reflect the view/s of Mirror Trading International (Pty) Ltd. This not an official statement released by Mirror Trading International (Pty) Ltd and I hereby indemnify Mirror Trading International (Pty) Ltd.”

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6 Responses to From the Horse’s Mouth to the Armchair Critic!

  1. Wendy says:

    I appreciate hearing abt yr hard work – u deserve yr reward. What happens tho, when all the people who came into MTI early, work hard and become financially independent and then decide to take all their money out of MTI and everything collapses, leaving the late-comers with nothing to trade with? Look forward to hearing.


    • Wendy thanks for your question. That is the beauty of the MTI system, trading happens with the money you invest. MTI would exist even if there are only 2 investors, it is in no way dependant on the number of investors or the amount of Bitcoin in the trading pool.


  2. Francois Rademan says:

    So glad for you Rich!


  3. Thulani Ngcobo says:

    Thank you for sharing your story Rich, and reading this a tear dropped on my eye as I thought I was the only one who joined MTI without a penny on his name but here you are. Well I was introduced by my colleague D.Pascoe seeing the situation I was in as a real estate agent having not sold a house for two years and financially had nothing. She told me to try and get R 2000 in June 2019 which was a mountain to climb for me but a sale scrapped through and I took an advance on it and joined in September 2019. I was scared watched my account every day and counted how much it was making day by day. Rich Simmonds was the guy who helped me with registration and is still helping me today with whatever hurdle I get. November came I did a first withdrawal of R 500 to test the system and boy oh boy was I happy when those few Rands hit my account the following day. I have since made several withdrawals and my Bitcoin is still growing #LOVEMTI,,, Thulani Ngcobo


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