Are you poisoning your Golden Goose?

By Marina Caenazzo

goose-178143_1920Greetings from another day of lockdown in Italy, luckily our apartment has a lovely view, so I can watch the mountains and the birds flying free. Daily visits from our local flock of Alpine Choughs to feed at our fruit buffet are highly appreciated. It brings smiles to our faces to hear the scout shouting at us if we are late stocking the table! The global pandemic has got pretty much all of us in lockdown, so it gives us time to appreciate the smaller things in life and think about life in general.

Social media is full of fake news, and it is hard to know exactly who to believe when there is so much information and misinformation to sift through. But keeping positive thoughts is our hope for the future. We should be spending this time planning our future and finding ways to pave the road to financial freedom. I am lucky to be traveling that road already, with the bricks provided by Mirror Trading International.

Since joining almost a year ago, we have gone from having almost nothing, to being able to semi-retire, and it’s something I would not have believed to be possible. Yet here I sit, finding ways to entertain myself while not having to worry about how to pay the rent, or other monthly bills. I used to turn myself in knots at the end of every month, anticipating the bills and worrying about how I was going to sort everything out. Now I play games, draw, read, research pedigrees for my growing herd of model horses, and so on. Obviously, I would like to be hiking and exploring my region, or traveling to new places, but as we all know, for a while that will be impossible.

So, I place my trust in MTI, knowing that five days a week, my Bitcoin is hard at work, trading the forex markets and growing steadily. This is all done for me, I earn even when I am staring at the shelf, wondering which horse should go where, or whether the colour blue I have selected for my image is the exact right shade. My MTI business grows and strengthens daily. Life’s tough hey?

I do not spend too much time on social media… I like Instagram because there are amazing photos from all over and not so much bitching and moaning as is inclined to be the case with dear old Facebook. Some people seem to look for the negative in every case, so FB hasn’t seen much of me for months now. What has come to my attention, however, is the fact that there are a few people that seem hell-bent on sabotaging their businesses. I don’t know whether it is sub-consciously or intentionally, but I can’t imagine it is the latter, after all why on Earth would you want to poison your Golden Goose??

Mirror Trading International is a reputable company that is changing the lives of so many people, not just mine. Earnings are reliable, and although the growth of your business does take some work when you first get started, eventually enough people are seeing the changes the company has brought to your life, and they join you and see for themselves. We have built our team with hard work and honesty, transparency and facts. Of course, you can choose to be solely an investor, and make money for yourself. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. We have chosen to share this wonderful opportunity and take the added benefits having a team brings to us.

What I don’t understand is the need to overstate the facts, or fake results in the hopes of quickly adding more members to your team. MTI makes NO promises, that they are very clear about. It prides itself in its transparency and openness. Results come from the daily trading efforts, and as anyone who has ever done some trading on their own knows, these results can be unpredictable. The results advertised are the real trading results for the day, or historic results, and even though we say there is potential to earn about 10% a month on your investment, this is in no way guaranteed. That said, up to now we have not had a negative result on any day, since trading began, and the average earning for a month has been a bit over 10%. That’s really not bad for doing nothing, other than registering and funding your account!

MTI will continue to grow, there’s no need to try and hurry it along. It’s a proper golden goose, and like any true opportunity it needs to be nurtured and cosseted, not over-fed like some poor Foie-gras goose. Treat it kindly, and with patience, and it will continue to reward you for many, many years to come. By rushing the process, blowing up the results or otherwise chivvying the poor goose along, you are poisoning the goose. You will only succeed in killing it, not just for you but for everyone. Do you want to be responsible for this?

Understand that some people are naturally more hesitant to join opportunities, either because of their cautious nature or because of past failures that may have scarred them. Be patient, extend your hand and offer the opportunity, allow them to take it from you. Think of it as offering fruit to the wild birds. They are skittish and slightly fearful in the beginning, but if you are constant in your efforts and slowly begin to gain their trust and confidence, next thing you know there is a big team. They will watch you to start with, that is the nature of the beast, but if you stay consistent, and offer the same opportunity, with the same or more enthusiasm, you will interest them.

Don’t be tempted to promise the Earth in the hopes of a quick sale. Are you sure you can deliver on that promise a little way down the line? All you will do is cause distrust in the system if you have promised huge returns. Tell the truth, and always be honest. When you lie and say someone may earn 25% a month, then they only earn 11%, what will they think? Is it MTI’s fault that they suddenly pull their money and leave, or is it yours? You, sir or madam, have just cost yourself a golden egg. People are connected in ways we cannot imagine, and by effectively adding a bit of poison to your golden goose’s feed, you may lose out on countless eggs, and eventually the goose will stop laying at all.

Examples of poison that I have seen or been made aware of are:

  • Overstating the daily, weekly or monthly profits, as already discussed.
  • Advertising that top earners are making the daily cap of $15k…that is fake news, and potentially very harmful to our goose. No one has made that target yet, sure they will get there in future, but that golden egg has yet to be laid.
  • Bullying team members into providing weekly targets so as to improve your own bottom line, without effort on your own part. Do you think you are back in school setting homework targets? Do your own work, help your team with training, stop prodding them with sticks.
  • Nit-picking at each other on social media, for problems unrelated to the MTI business, but using the company name somewhere in the argument. Potential members will get confused and probably shy away. Another golden egg shattered. Well done.

duck-2236908_1920Ask yourself if you are guilty of feeding poison to your goose, or rather our goose because at the end of the day we are all in this together, and some of us want it to be for the long haul. Respect the MTI company, and your fellow team members, and new members yet to join. Spread positivity and truth, and the goose will remain comfortable. Spread lies and schoolyard nonsense, and the goose is going to need the vet. Keep it up and you will see the road to financial freedom has potholes and grass growing between the bricks. Cracks will appear in your golden eggs.

Rather choose to bow to your better nature and be open. Choose kindness and honesty, and be a leader, not a boss. Lead by example and enjoy the benefits a fabulous company like MTI can bring you. I am appealing to those of you who are with me in Mirror Trading International, in this time of social distancing and quarantine – use this time to build your business if you want to. Being an online opportunity, it is available to us, even in lockdown. Post cheerful messages and share your stories on your social media, if you just made your first $10, great! It’s a start, and everyone must start somewhere. Just police your own actions and be aware that you are an ambassador for MTI the minute you start sharing the opportunity. Let’s stand together now like never before. Open your eyes, and even better, your minds, to the potential our MTI golden goose has given you. Honesty is key, and please be gentle and kind to the goose, because it is MY goose too.

“This document was prepared and released by Rich Simmonds in my personal capacity. The opinions, views and content expressed in this article are my own and do not necessarily reflect the view/s of Mirror Trading International (Pty) Ltd. This not an official statement released by Mirror Trading International (Pty) Ltd and I hereby indemnify Mirror Trading International (Pty) Ltd.”

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4 Responses to Are you poisoning your Golden Goose?

  1. Pieter Steyn says:

    It sure is a golden opportunity that MTI offers us and I am very happy to be a part of it.
    Thanks Johan, Rich and Leon, that introduced me to MTI. In very grateful.


  2. Great post, thanks Rich!


  3. Ncane Maziya says:

    This is great. Interesting bitcoin selling.


  4. Ncane Maziya says:

    This is great. Interesting bitcoin selling. An.opportunity not taken for granted.


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