What is your Belief about Success? Abundance vs Lack

Has our thinking been conditioned? I do believe so and perhaps it even goes as far as we have been taught to think that we can never get ahead.

Is getting ahead even possible or is there actually a limit to what is possible?

PART 1 – The Conditioned Mindset

Gandhi once observed that every movement/truth goes through four stages: First they ignore you; then they abuse you; then they crack down on you and then you win. This led to many people misattributing the following quote to Ghandi, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” when in actual fact this is a summary of what was said in a speech by an American labour union leader named Nicholas Klein.

In fact the schooling system that is still used today was invented to teach people how to be a consumer, and to believe the system rather than believing in their own ability to succeed and ultimately get ahead in life. The conditioning is so great that everyone will defend the system first, because the system is where the belief lies and we will always defend what we believe to be true first.

This has led to Herd Behaviour by sheeple which is the derogatory term for people compared to sheep in being docile, foolish, or easily led. Generally “by the time the sheeple wake up and try to change things, it will be too late”

If your desire is to be different, these Sheeple (I will also use the word they when referring to them) will ignore you, then if you still persist they will laugh at you. Then if the ridicule did not work on you, they will attack your character, fight you and try their best to get you to stop being different. If after this stage you still persist, quite simply you are a hero and they will build a statue in your honour simply because you did not give up on your need to be different.

PART 2 – Examples in History

It was believed that the car could never replace the horse, that radio was just broadcast to random people and no one would ever pay for advertising. Then came the idea that every household would have a computer. Ideas that were initially ridiculed and rejected that have become norms in our lives.

The rise of the small business and the business from home, has given many people who were not able to fit into the traditional system a chance to be different, and today we still find the Sheeple being over-critical of these entrepreneurs.

The reason is simple, they believe in the system and have invested their entire lives into it and are dead scared that you will prove them wrong.

Imagine what an idea like Bitcoin does to those who believe in the traditional financial systems, the possibility that the system could fail and that they may need to change the way they think is just too far-fetched.

PART 3 – Lack

We need to understand that if there is any possibility in life that we could do better than the established normal, then I guarantee you we will meet with resistance.

This is the challenge of success, because those who have something believe that they will need to lose something so that you can have something. This is the way the world generally thinks and that is what is known as lack thinking. There is so much lack in the world and that is something we can agree on, but the idea that if someone gets ahead I will lose something is flawed thinking, and in reality has its roots in greed and jealousy.

PART 4 – Abundance

Abundance simply means ‘more of everything’ and is often regarded as the ultimate success. When people have more than they need it often changes their lives, and they become givers rather than takers. Of course some people will always have a scarcity mentality and they may never reach that point of abundance.

Abundance is not about having plenty, but rather about having a lot to give. It’s about empathy for others, sometimes just giving people money will not help them. It’s the old story about rather teaching people how to fish for themselves, rather than giving them a fish every day.

We all have something to share with someone and that could change their lives forever. Will we be kind enough to help them and teach them even if it means that we could be ridiculed by our friends and family if we do that? If we truly desire success we will need to change our mindsets away from the way we have been conditioned and get to the point of abundance.

My Journey

A little over a year ago I found something different and I started to share that idea with family, friends and people I met. Without doubt I was ignored, laughed at and even attacked online, but I believed in the possibility, the difference and I never gave up.

I don’t think they will ever erect a statue in my name, but each person who believes in what I have found, and uses that to their advantage is enough recognition for me and hopefully will take that person to a point where they too can have abundance.

Image https://pixabay.com/illustrations/service-generosity-kindness-wealth-4739669/

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6 Responses to What is your Belief about Success? Abundance vs Lack

  1. Jannie Steenkamp says:

    Thanks Rich I don’t need any convincing, however I will appreciate any future articles.
    Regards Jannie


  2. Jaco Eckley says:

    Brilliant Article Rich, wish all those who still laugh at me can read this, sometimes I follow the age-old principle of dusting my feet off and walk on . . . JACO ADMIN Mirror Trading International


  3. Philomena says:

    Thanks Rich , your articles put lights on my grey areas ,lift my spirits and encourage me to get on and be fearless. I will appreciate future articles .


  4. Benjamin Appiah-Kubi says:

    Thanks very much, Mr. Simmonds. This is a life changing inspiration to me.


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