I am not a Mentor or a Coach

I have had many people approach me over the years asking me to mentor them and coach them in business. This is one area I know I am not good in and predominantly because I have a work ethic that does not suit others. I believe success takes hours of dedication and the quicker you put in the hours the better your chances at success are.

It takes 10,000 hours to master something, but will this guarantee success? No absolutely not, but the quicker you get the 10,000 hours done the sooner you can get on with the next thing if that did not work. That is the shocking truth.

Whilst we are talking about truth, that is why I failed as a mentor and coach as most people who wanted me to coach them preferred advice (this would be hearing what they wanted to hear) rather than the actual truth.

The truth is you cannot be successfully lazy until you have earned the right to be lazy and that requires good old fashioned hard work.

In our business everyone is looking for a plan and one of my colleagues recently released his ‘Santiago Secret – The 90 Day Plan’. Everyone is hugely excited as finally they have a plan and he has packaged it nicely. I do recommend his system and it is totally free.

You can write down your goals, decide what is the most important to you and your team, create a vision board and say your daily affirmations. These things are all good but once you decide to begin, you simply need to get going and keep going for 90 days.

Not everyone is very good at marketing, so if you want success within 90 days you will need to tell 10 people about the MTI opportunity every day for 90 days. Based on an average success rate of 1 in 10, you will have 90 direct referrals in your business in 90 days.

Does this work? Yes it most certainly does, and you would have created the foundation for a business that will give you the freedom that your dreams were made of.

What was my approach when I started the MTI business?

My original goal was to show the opportunity to 1000 people, which I achieved in 120 days. Some days were more successful than others and there were challenges along the way, which could have stopped me, but giving up was not an option.

The three most important lessons I learnt are:

1. Never come across as desperate, no matter how bad your situation really is. Desperation is the one thing that will scare people away. In their minds they may think you are desperate enough to try get them into some kind of scam. Focus on what you need to achieve and not the reality of your current situation.

2. Don’t overload people with information, only give them the necessary information and try to answer only the questions they may have. When you overload people with information it often looks as if you still trying to convince yourself.

3. When people start making excuses try to find out what questions you have not answered yet. Perhaps you have said too much about one aspect and neglected another. If they still have excuses, tell them you understand and immediately take the opportunity away from them. Remember your relationship with them is more important than the opportunity you are showing them. They will probably join you when the time is right for them.

Remember that MTI does not need members, it is you that is looking to build your team and business. If you always respect people and the relationship you have with them, you will not jeopardise the good name of MTI in your pursuit of success.

Success is within your reach and MTI is something we have all been looking for, if you are prepared to put in the work you could even achieve more than the 90 Day plan suggests.

We have put together tools like our weekly Zoom meetings and online videos to help you and accelerate your success.

Will you make the decision to change your future and take up the challenge of working hard for the next 90 days? Your future self will thank you for your decision.

I have a different approach and you need to find what works for you, regardless of who your leader is. All I suggest is that you be consistent. Find your own rhythm, do what you can, work hard, and you will soon see the results.

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