I can’t find people… once was a relevant excuse!

There is an old saying that says ‘If you are not selling, you are not growing’. Life is about selling ideas to each other and if you have an opinion you are selling it to someone else. You learn how to package your opinion so that it will be accepted by the person you are sharing it with. This is the starting blocks of success.

In our business I often hear the excuse ‘I can’t find people’, but what does this statement really mean and reveal about the person who is giving this excuse? Firstly what do they expect me or their family at home to say? Am I supposed to say ‘It’s okay, not everyone can be successful and it’s okay if you disappoint your family’. NO, it is not okay and you will need to work harder at becoming successful.

The average expectation of anyone starting is that success will be easier than it has been made out to be, when in fact the direct opposite is true. It will be harder, much harder than expected.

With that in mind I will not be mincing my words and if I stand on your foot, you will need to ask yourself why you were not moving in the first place.

Why can’t you find people? Are you able to find yourself, do you actually know what you want? If you don’t know what you want and you have no idea of how you are going to accomplish what you want, then how can you expect others to join you in whatever you are doing?

Our business is easy from the point that people will earn just from their investment and recruiting is not necessary, do you know how unique that is in our industry? In 99% of the businesses out there and in life, you will not earn a cent unless you expand your customer base.

Use that to your advantage, no one has an excuse not to join, but realise that everyone’s time is different and not everyone will join. However when I say that, don’t use that as your excuse for not being successful, so get out there and do some work and never stop until you have reached your dreams.

Are you focused? If you are not focused on one opportunity people will immediately know that and they will lose interest in you. Decide what you want to do, then laser focus on that single thing and do it properly.

What about diversification? They say you can’t have all your eggs in one basket. Really? What if you only have one egg? Or perhaps are you saying you have a design flaw, you already have two eggs in one basket and that seems to be working just fine. Until you have more than enough eggs you cannot diversify, and you cannot make a success of more than one thing at a time. Never believe all the bull§£&t you hear.

Are you trying to be different? Surprise them and be a leader, leaders do things differently. If you are predictable you are failing, so be kinder than people expect you to be and always think of new ways to do what you are already doing.

They don’t believe you are a leader – Prove them wrong! Remember they are not doubting the opportunity, they are doubting if you will be the leader they are looking for. Will you be able to focus and stick to one thing and become successful? If you don’t do that they had no reason to follow you. Decide to be a real leader and stick to your decision, as you will need to prove them wrong.

They are always watching you and if you believe no one is watching you then you are mistaken, you have this amazing opportunity and you are experiencing results. They have an idea of what may be expected and they are waiting for you to show them your results. Share what you have experienced with people whenever you can and always remember to be professional.

Reading this article you are probably thinking I am over opinionated and unreasonable. You are 100% right, reasonable never paid the bills. It was only when I decided to be unreasonable with my own stinking thinking that I could overcome the excuses, actually work and achieve some level of success. I am still on the journey just like everyone. I advise you to get going on your journey, move fast and remember if everything is under control you are definitely not going fast enough!

Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/apple-business-computer-connection-392018/

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